Luminance sensors?

Any recommendations for a cheap luminance sensor for use in CoRE?

How accurate do you need it to be? And what’s your definition of “cheap”? :sunglasses:

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Anyway, Everspring makes a $45 zwave luminance sensor, but I think most people in the community just go straight to either the Fibaro or the Aeotec multi sensors, which will give you lux, temperature and motion detection.


I use my PWS data feed to Weather Underground. Is there a PWS near you?

I don’t have one of these, but it’s discussed here in the Community: ($29.95)


Was hoping to stay between $20-$30. Accurate enough to trigger some lights via motion sensor in a room that doesn’t get a lot of sun.

Thanks, but looking for indoor detection.

I may remove one of my Phillips motion sensors and try it with the custom DTH. I’ve been putting it off because there appears to be issues with it, and I’m not sure anyone is still working on it.

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Then the Zooz sensor I mentioned above should work really well because it’s does motion and lux.

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Is there native support in ST for it, or a custom DTH?

You need a custom handler. This is a very inexpensive device, and there have been some issues with it as are typical of devices in this price range. So you might want to browse the whole thread.

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Probably better off playing with the custom handler and Philips sensor I already have then. :slight_smile:

I really like the Phillips sensor for this purpose, I think it’s a well engineered device, but I’m only using it with the Phillips hue bridge, I haven’t tried to connect it directly to SmartThings.

There’s no native ST DH for it, and I wouldn’t have expected one from ST yet. Way too many things on their work list they should be worrying about :wink:

If you click on the link for that sensor, the site for the Smartest House’s site has a link to a DH. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see it. Here are some discussions about these sensors:

I agree. For what it is meant for, it’s excellent. I just need it to work with CoRE, so I can do other things with it. (over-ride with a switch, pause motion if light scene is changing, etc).

I may have to bite the bullet and try that custom DTH you linked me to the other day.

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