BSEED Zigbee wall socket - unable to pair

Maybee anyone can help?

I have just received BSEED Zigbee wall socket but im unable to pair it with the hub.

Holding the button apparently puts it into pairing mode but with many tries i’m not successfull.
Even looking at CLI i can’t find anything related.

So i dont even get to know fingerprints, …

How to sniff this one out without furhther knowledge and tools?


Anyone can help?

Hi @dusanhauko

If it doesn’t even pair as a thing it may not be entering pairing mode.

The manual does not clearly explain how to reset it?

Is it close to the hub?

I figured out the pairing sequence (i believe so) with reset. I have hub + zigbee switch + my phone alltogether on table without succes :confused:

Meh … :frowning:

V čet., 11. avg. 2022 12:15 je oseba Mariano Colmenarejo via SmartThings Community <> napisala:

Did you install my ZigbeeThing Mc driver?

Yes i have it installed. Also looking at CLI. Without luck whatsoever.

I have just ordered one zigbee hub from amazon for tuya at price 21eur. Then ill see if it connects as wifi or zigbee.

I think their product is fake/not zigbee but tuya wifi :frowning:

try pair with Tuya app without Tuya hub, if is wifi it will be paired fine

Not working. Will see what happens with tuya zigbee hub. Otherwise bad… will return items :confused:

Got myself a tuya zigbee gateway for 20eur and it found this outlet in a few seconds. So the reset/pair procedure was allways ok. Smartthings just cant find it. I’ll leave so and use tuya c2c.

Anyway … This info can be usefull for integration in smarrthings?


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Followup on mine topic.

Gave a new try with pairing this wall switch and gained successs.
Within 2 months it became supported with official beta edge driver.
Just sharing information.