[BROKEN] NST Manager v5.0 (Does Not Work Anymore)

Nest has been doing some weird stuff last couple of days. I have seen the API not return any of the camera data for extended periods of time, etc.

Sorry for the troubles, it is hard at this point to understand what they have going on with all the server changes they are making.

Do make sure you are up to latest NST manager code. If you can catch logs of an issue we would like to see it via a private message.

Hopefully Nest will setting their servers down.

Same as most of you, my NST manager seems not getting data from my devices and it shows staled info which does not match with what I see on my devices. For example, my thermostats’ temperatures. I have played a bit with the advanced settings but not sure if I screwed it up or not. That is why I am wondering how I can reset the app to make sure at least everything is set normally. Then, I shall wait till Nest servers get sorted. Any idea?
By the way, the ‘play’ sign on the smart apps list goes on and off. What exactly is supposed to show?

Hi all, so should my Nest cameras show up as options in the Security set up in SHM? I seem to have NST running fine but don’t have them in my list of options.

No, Nest cams do not work in SHM.

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Nest in some form or another is likely to feature heavily at Google I/O today or tomorrow, hopefully they’ll finally finish their dev/API changes…


We will do our best to migrate over NST to the new Google Assistant structure. There will obviously be a loss in features and will require a new install.

We will make an announcement once we learn more and have time to weigh the options.


They finished their dev/API, alright :-1: …literally

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Thanks for doing this! The biggest feature I need is the ability for ST to know if my Nest Protect detects smoke (I literally have it turn on my fire sprinkler valve). And to put Nest in Away/Home.

You’re not wrong… RIP third party integrations :’(

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No offense, but that is a very bad idea. Consumer HA is not nearly robust enough to rely on it to save your home or business in the event of a fire and I believe even ST’s EULA agreement specifically states something to that effect.


I’ve really enjoyed using NST Manager, but it might not be functional soon.

Google just announced that they will be discontinuing the Works with Nest program and with it the Nest API by August, to be replaced with “Works with Google Assistant” and a far stricter partner program.

I really hope that Nest products can continue to be used with Alexa and SmartThings but its looking like Google intends to close off their home automation ecosystem.

Time to start planning to rip out my two zone Nest Thermostats, and I’m glad I never bought into the other Nest products.

Anyone else experiencing issues with their Nest Cams not responding to ST commands? I can no longer turn cams off and on, or view them within ST.

my nest cams are working fine from ST

Man, I’ve completely removed and re-added them, and they still aren’t responding reliably.

This does not sound good. I understand privacy concerns but I do not understand reducing my functionality…

I hope you guys can get a works with Google Assistant function going. I already is it for simple commands but I’m mostly concerned about remote thermostats.

I’m thankfully I haven’t invested in Alexa.

surprisingly my cameras are still working fine.