Broadlink RM PRO and smartthings for RF roller shutter

Does anyone knows if I can integrate Broadlink RM Pro to Samsung Smarthings to control a 433Mhz RF roller shutter?

Yes i just bought and hooked up on my ecosystem a Broadlink Pro+ to control my Christmas RF plugs that i bought at Costco 4 for $15.

You have to use an Android device ( i use a Android TV box that is always on) and Tasker RM Plugin (stand alone Tasker not necessary) that goes in the Android device (do not use RM Bridge cause it only works with older devices or Broadlink Minis).

Use the guide here after you read on that page click at the end here

What i did on my end for a smoother integration

  • Make sure that before you begin the ST integration, to assign the Broadlink device a static ip address on your router (also for the Android device). You want that not only because Tasker RM Plugin needs to remember one address that does not change in a network reset but also if you want to use both native apps made for Broadlink

The new IHC app for controlling Broadlink works with Alexa and Google but you do not want that one.
The older e-Control app is the one that Tasker RM Plugin needs and uses to transfer the codes and also with a click of a check box have Alexa and Google control Broadlink much smoother than their native cloud integration though IHC app .

Oh and make sure to save all on and off devices as lamps in the e-Control app
Let me know if you need more detailed information as i ran into a few hiccups at the beginning although it may sound complicated it isn’t

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I’m planning to Buy ans BroadLink Pro to control Air conditioning and roller shutters.

I’ve two questions that I appreciate who can answer and and help on having this fantastic internet of thing.

1- For roller shutters I’ve electric shutters installed with manual switches on wall (2 buttons switch)

  • which models can I buy to replace the manual button and have there, touch buttons that communicates to BroadLink?

2 - For air conditioning, I’ve to exact models on the living room! Maybe when i turn on and control then it will be in parallel, correct? What if i what just to connect and control just one (being more energy efficient)

thanks in advance,


Anyone can help here to get the hardware?
I don’t know how to configure on programing basis, but wiring I can do :wink:

I’ve wifi switches for roller shutter, but nor confident what they do inside my network (snifing?!!!)

Anyone made this work? I just tried on my v3. I get an error when trying to install the Broadlink Lan interface.

9ff72289-ea0e-4af7-bb6a-34f1ff33f6a7 17:22:13: error java.lang.RuntimeException: bad character in base64 value @line 64 (lanResponseHandler)

9ff72289-ea0e-4af7-bb6a-34f1ff33f6a7 17:22:13: debug In response handler

9ff72289-ea0e-4af7-bb6a-34f1ff33f6a7 17:22:13: debug hub id is 8a6a74fe-17b9-4c6b-af22-b71d7b097560

anyone else encounter error java.lang.RuntimeException: bad character in base64 value @line xx (lanResponseHandler)? my broadlink switches are all gone…