Smartthings + Broadlink rm pro+ integration

hi guys.
there is a solution’s to integrate between smart thing hub and brodlink rm pro hub ?
i have some infrared things that i want to control on.

I’m not sure if this supports the pro+, but this is the basic Broadlink RM integration available

thanks @diehllane but i am not in this high level of skills to do that :confused:
maybe do you have some video tutorial or step by step orders ?

i wish you can help me with that…

I found this post which looks like the Broadlink RM Pro+ is not supported by that integration.

Looks like you would need a dedicated android device (like a tablet) running Tasker to communicate.

I use Alexa Simulated Switches to integrate with IHC. I have some kitchen LED strips that I control via IHC, and set up various scenes (on/off/brightest/dimmest/dimmer/brighter) then get Alexa to discover those scenes (You need to enable the IHC skill). Then set up ST automations using Simulated Switches (I have motion turning the strips on and off), and have Alexa mirror the Simulated Switches with the IHC scenes. Hope it makes sense.

Just curious why you’re using IHC rather than the new Broadlink app? I hope it works better. I am hoping to use the RM Pro+ to control several plugs as well as some roller shades that use RF. It seems the only device types that Alexa supports for Broadlink integration using the “Broadlink” app are TV/AV related devices, and all of them only have a single button to toggle the power on/off. This won’t work well for my plugs, which have separate on and off RF commands. What device types does Alexa support when using IHC?

These days I think most people looking to control IR devices are using Bond, Switchbot, or Harmony, or the Remotec Zwave/IR bridge, all of which have much simpler integrations to set up with SmartThings. Integration with broadlink requires an additional android device to act as a “man in the middle“ and quite a bit of technical skill to set up. So most of those integrations which were created in 2014 or 2015 just haven’t been kept up-to-date once the other devices became available.

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Using a Broadlink to control IR/RF devices requires minimal technical skill, even a chimpanzee could do it, and it’s simpler and more reliable than a Harmony. You probably already have an android tablet for dashboards. You can even teach the app Tasker RM Bridge to learn commands. Create simulated switches, then use webCoRE to send get requests, send single commands or macros, no need to faff about with Alexa skills, Chinese apps, harmony cloud/activities/lag etc etc

I’ve seen references to using the extra Android tablet, but it seemed like more moving parts than the Alexa skill route. But if I can’t make it work “nicely”, maybe the Android solution is best. Can you recommend a good doc for setting that up? I don’t have a chimp to help me, but if I stock up on bananas I should be ok. Thanks for any info.

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You sound like you could probably get your first commands going in under an hour i reckon, pm’d some stuff, a chimpanzee would probably take a whole morning, so bear that in mind.

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