[OBSOLETE] Smartthings-for-Broadlink-RM-Pro - Smartthings Handler for Broadlink RM Pro using RM Plugin, RM Bridge & Home Assistant


I made a device handler for Broadlink RM Pro which is using one of RM plugin, RM Bridge and Home Assistant.
Because it doesn’t use a smartapp and you can input a device URI in PC, it may be easy to work.
I wish it to help you.



Question… does this require an android device as well as the broad link RM to work? Just getting started with my broad link.


Yes, you need a android device(RM plugin or RM bridge) or Raspberry(Home Assistant). We need a bridge between ST and Broadlink.

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How reliable is this setup?

I’m hesitant to get an Android device, or Raspberry Pi solely for the purpose of controlling a Broadlink RM pro.

I’m very surprised that the Bridge app can’t be run on a PC or a Mac… is there anything for this?

This is very reliable with Home Assistant.
You may run the Home Assistant in your PC or NAS.
I am using a Rpi for the HA.
In the Rpi, I am also running the KODI at the same time.

You can run this on network attach storage? I have a synology ds412. Can it be run on this?

Hello I am wondering with this handler will I be able to make tiles on actiontiles to control things from Rm Pro I am using rm plugin lite for my bridge

Thanks for the device handler. I was able to configure few of my RF plugs and projector screen to work with SmartThings.

I can use externet link to test RF switch, but in SmartThings app, nothing work.

hi guys, ive managed to install RM Plugin on my Amazon Fire stick and setup alexa devices on it which means i can eliminate the need of an android device AND it always stays on! :grin:

does anyone know if the 7 day trial will expire as im using it on an amazon device instead of an android device?
also has anyone else managed to get the plugin app working on a fire stick?


Hi Sapstar,

May i check with you that do you copy all the contents of Broadlink Virtual Switch.groovy(91 lines) and create new device handler at Smartthings IDE web

Thank You


May i check with you that do you copy all the contents of Broadlink Virtual Switch.groovy(91 lines) and create new device handler at Smartthings IDE web

Thank You

Has been a while, but yes I think thats what I did. Once I created the device type and assigned it to the devices, I was able to set all the parameters in the device preferences.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello im having a nightmare trying to get this to work with my rm plugin .ive managed to set up in smarthings and also produce a tile in action tiles which switches on and off but does not control the rm pluggin bridge is this setup workable with your code or not .If yes it looks like im not putting the correct id into the device setup where do I get the id or could you explain it in novice terms thanks

Do I need to open a port on my router for this device handler

Hi af950833,

I tuned your code a bit to my purposes, and created device handler for Broadlink RM Pro, by using 2 momentary buttons. One ON, and one OFF. The buttons can be triggered from UI, or by Google Home. The idea is to have statless buttons, as RM PRO doesn’t give you the state anyway.

Feel free to use it, if anyone one.
Any suggestions for update, will be nice, as this is one of my first handlers.

And below, code for Virtual double momentary button (not for Broadlink), which I also use often:

New Smartthings APP versions:


Sorry for the newbie-ness of the question but I would love to try and setup Home Assistant to run on network attached storage as I have a Synology NAS.

Is there a place on the forum with an outline of how to accomplish this?

I have a question . I am wondering how to write an application blank and how to write a smartthings blank. You may have access to the RM plugin web page, but you may be filling it in. Do you have any videos on YouTube? What do you search for? Thank you for your enthusiasm.