Break-in or not?

OK, at 0854 I recieve a text message stating my door to my camper door was opened (smart sense open/close) and there was movement in the main space (smart sense pir). There was no movement at 0855. But the utilitech siren was still activated when I woked up at 1300.

The sheriff arrived at 1500 and said there was no visible sign of entry and my truck was backed up to the door and door was locked. All sensors read internal temp at 67.5 degrees with no errors or any other report.

Other than actual Breakin, how would the open /close and the pir sense something.

Setup: 1 hub, 2 smart sense pir’s, 1 smartsense open/close, 1 first alert smoke/co2, 1 ct30 thermostat, 2 Cree 60w bulbs.

Sounds like either st glitches and false alarm. Our someone opened the door and also cause the pir to activate and was spirited by the siren that is 2’from the door. What do you think???

My Aeon contact sensor has been reporting open when it’s not a lot lately. I just reseat it in it’s mount, a little annoying because the auto door lock failed because it thinks it’s open.

Unfortunately I will have to figure it out on the 14th. I would understand if the unit just popped off. But it shows closed.

You might want to check the logs for your devices and the app that sounds the alarm.

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I get those too. I have two motion detectors covering any area. Unless I get a second breach, I have to assume it is something like a spider, literally, crawling over the sensor. To date, single breaches on motion detectors have always been false.

Good to know! The logs showed nothing as well. Lol, I am hoping the spider opened the door then crawled over the motion. I am wondering if the door sensor tripped for some odd reason causing the siren to go off and the maybe in all that caused the pir to set off, like some crazy automated chain reaction.

As I understand it, the issue here is that two separate battery operated devices reported at about the same time, right? A contact sensor on the door and a motion sensor inside the room.

You can sometimes get false reports on multiple wired sensors if there’s a power surge. And motion detectors give “false” reports all the time–turning on the air conditioner can set off a roomful of sensors. Or a cloud throwing shadows.

But contact sensors are pretty hard to fool. They can get stuck on one state (open or closed), which is typically a reporting issue, not a sensor fail, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you saw.

If indeed the contact sensor showed open followed by closed and the motion sensor showed movement in the same period, check the event logs to be sure nothing weird was going on on the server side, like time changes. Then it might be a server “hiccup.”

But if the logs look solid and you got reports from a contact sensor and a motion sensor at the same time, my vote would be that someone opened that door. It’s the contact sensor report that’s selling it for me. Assuming it IS a contact sensor and not a motion sensor or multisensor.

A vibration sensor and a motion sensor could both be set off by a big thump nearby, anything from a helicopter to a car crash.

But a contact sensor shouldn’t report open followed again by closed unless the magnet did physically go out of range. You can fool them occasionally into briefly reporting closed, but not opened then closed. And if one of the pieces fell off the door, that would show open, but it would stay open after that, not show closed again right after. And unlike a motion sensor, a contact sensor shouldn’t be affected by a spider crawling over it. So first check the logs.


BTW, I agree that it is possible for the siren to set off the motion sensor. But it’s really unusual for a contact sensor to falsely show open then closed.

Test it. The truck was blocking the door? Camper door opens out? Try jarring the door to see if you can trigger the contact AND the PIR yourself, without getting in. Maybe the PIR is too sensitive but I think that’s a pretty good arrangement you’ve got.

Two quick events on two unconnected devices is a confirmed-alarm to me so it sounds like a failed burglary attempt. The only other thing to do is setup a cam and record to cloud e-mail or storage. Since you have some kind of network there already, it should be cheap. Question is, should you have it inside, outside or both.

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Well the police reportedthe door was lock and my truck was blocking the door. They claimed the didn’t see any entry. I didn’t see any logs that would report servers idea errors nor any hud disconnects. I guess I will have to see if anything is out of place.

Oh and thanks for the replies!