Bought V3 Hub cannot connect devices

Hi guys, I had a V2 hub that starting giving me issues with sensors dropping out and 2 weeks ago all motion sensors went offline and I decided take the plunge and buy the V3 wifi hub. I connected it through lan and then realised this was a Vodafone version that would only work with a 2 year subscription. I’m buying a compatible camera system to upgrade my security so I took on the Vodafone subscription. I completely deleted my v2 devices, scences routines and everything and proceeded to set up the new hub.

I am unable to connect any of my smarttings v3 window/door or any of the motion sensors. I have reset the hub and devices without success.
Tried to connect sonoff basics as well through the new smartthings app without success. I can use IFTTT to get around that but cant connect smartthings devices to a smarttings v3 hub.
The box was unbranded no mention of Vodafone at all. Now I’m tired to a 2 year contract for a service that cant work because none of the devices will connect.
Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers, Johnny.

Were you using any custom device handlers? Possible they have become stale which is a known condition. If you do have any, open them in IDE and Publish for Me. Then exclude any z-wave devices or reset any zigbee devices and then try to pair them again.

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I dont have any devices connected other than a Philips hue hub and some Yeelights I connected those within the app. I wiped the v2 hub clean and started fresh on the v3 I’m trying to connect using the new app not any 3rd party handlers. I just have Smarttings branded devices all 7 of them fail to connect and batteries are all good as they are only a weeks old. I will have a look in IDE see if there is anything I missed thanks.