Bought some new innr plugs ( UK )

Picked myself up a few innr smart plugs that work directly with the Philips hue bridge, this also works with ST.
Slowly and surely going through all my old smart cheaper plugs I bought at the beginning, thinking at the time I’d save some money and buy cheaper plugs and run workarounds to get them working in ST through tuya app and IFTTT but came to the conclusion that I’d prefer everything to work natively within ST. Especially as I have one hooked up to a little space heater.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts on this. Are you happy to do these workarounds or rather have everything work natively in ST with the ( generally ) more expensive plugs.

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I think you’re making the right choice, simple standard zigbee/zwave devices that just work are the way to go. I’m spent more time than i’m proud of dick’n around w/ work arounds to save a some money in the end it seam to cost SO much more in time.

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Yes that’s my thinking. I think having to run things through IFTTT and Tuya app is just another hoop things have to run through, meaning possibly more problems.

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Yeah we thought wifi ifttt plugs were the cheaper way to get control of items around the house, as time has passed we learned wifi plugs are a Pita… if your net drops out or you mess with your router for whatever reason the wifi plugs rarely reconnect on there own and you find yourself scrabbling around behind or over items of furniture trying to push the plug button and run the accompanying app, in my case there are areas of weak coverage and the damn plugs just refuse to reconnect… what a pain, we have mainly gone zigbee zwave with just a few easy to get too wifi plugs now and intime they will get replaced

I’ve been using the IKEA plugs lately , they seem very reliable and decent price
I wish they did a power monitoring version.

Do the Innr smart plugs also report power?

No - just on/off, no power reports.

They do seem to be extremely reliable though.

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Hello. Sorry I missed the replies here.
Plugs are doing great.

One thing I’ve noticed though is when I’m adding a smart lighting automation and I go to set it up, it asks me do I want to ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ which is normal, but it also gives me the option to set level? Why does it do that? The ST plugs don’t do that.

I dont see that. I get the options Turn on, Turn off & Mirror behaviour for my smart plugs. I only see set level for my innr smart bulbs.