Bose alexa with smartthings

I am thinking about buying smartthings hub.
I currently have Bose HomeSpeaker 500 and Bose Soundbar 700, not have built in Alexa and is part of the new line from Bose (not the sound touch line). I have the Soundbar in the living room and the HomeSpeaker in the bedroom.

Will I be able to control the Smartthings hub with these speakers? Or do I need the Alexa speakers from Amazon?

When Google assistant will be added to these speakers with update, should that work with smartthings in theory as well?

I am asking this because on the Smartthings website the only devices that are mentioned as supported are the speakers from Amazon ( for Alexa to work) or Google (for g assistant to work).

Bottom line, I have Alexa hearing me in my whole house now and want to be able to control the Smartthings hub and all its connected devices by voice.

Thank you.

Install the SmartThings Amazon skill. Done.

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