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I have 3 Bose Soundtouch devices in my home and all three is connected in to ST. It work well. Everything! From ST app.
But, I have ActionTiles for control all devices in my home. Actiontiles are really great service. I can control my Bose-s from it, except preset stations. For that ActionTiles (or any other API) need a presets capability made like a standard in ST:

Can you please inform me (and others) if you plan to add a preset capability in ST like a standard, so the third part developers will be able to integrate this functionality?

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You probably won’t get the answer from SmartThings staff here in the forum about whether the company will add the preset station capability / functionality as a future standard. You might want to email Support.

However, one of the community developers might be able to add this functionality to a custom DTH (Device Handler) / Smart App.

I have a couple of Bose SoundTouch speakers myself that are tied to Echo Dots in my home. Although that would be nice functionality to see, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Connect your Bose to an Echo device and then use voice to ask her to play a station on Sirius XM, Pandora, I heart Radio, TuneIn, etc. Then you don’t ever have to open any app or press on any buttons to play music. Just a thought.

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Though buried in this particular topic is rather weird, I can say that an important news item at Samsung Developers Conference this week was that for the new SmartThings Cloud API there will be an official process for new Capabilities to be presented, collected feedback, finalized, and published.

It shouldn’t have to be any different than this Community Category; but it will be formal and hopefully more effective.

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