ActionTiles and Bose Soundtouch 10 Issue

I have two Bose Soundtouch10 devices in SmartThings. When I go-to ActionTiles and Authorize Things for my Location, these devices do not display in the list of all my devices. Every other dvice I have in ST displays.

I logged into IDE and looked at the Device Handlers for my speakers and they are set to LAN Bose Soundtouch10. I thought maybe ActionTiles was maybe restricting certain DH,so I changed the DH on both speakers to just a type of Bose Soundtouch10. Then went back to Authorize Things, but still no devices for the speakers.

I did create a couple of simple routines for both of these speakers and have no issues adding them in to ActionTiles, but not the devices themselves.

Is this a limitation of ActionTiles, a bug, or by design for this device type?


Please visit ActionTiles’s own Support site (& forum!) as your first stop for answers (and questions…).

Here’s a likely relevant link in our Knowledge Base:

Thanks Terry. I didn’t realize we had a separate support site for AT. I will utilize that support site moving forward.

I read the KB article. Do I need to submit something on that side or just sit back and wait for AT to be updated with this fully supported “Works With ST” device?

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Please open a Support Topic at if it is a WWST™ device.

The issue in that case would be a bug in SmartThings’s DTH, not ActionTiles; but we at ActionTiles will escalate it after the Topic is open and verified.

Have you found a solution?


As far as the permanent resolution, NO. I just looked and it still shows my request as Staged, yet looking at the Pull Request, this was committed to Master by workingmonk a month ago.

As a workaround which is a pain in the ass this is what I have done as per @tgauchat instructions :

  1. Goto my issue on

  2. Take the Bose DTH listed there and create a new DTH and add the capability of Sensor and Actuator and then modify the Bose devices to use that DTH

  3. This will allow you to be able to see and authorize the device through ActionTiles.

  4. However, From SmartThings Things, this DTH does not work for my device because I have to use the LAN Bose SoundTouch DTH, so after I authorize through ActionTiles, I revert the devices back to their intended DTH.

  5. This is a pain in the ass because every time I add a new device and want to expose it in ActionTiles, I have to repeat this process every time. Since the time I have reported, I have added approximately a dozen or so additional devices so it makes the process time consuming.

As of last week, using any of the 3 DTHs for Bose, they don’t have those capabilities added to them because I can’t see them as a device when authorizing in AT.

We have something in the works that will address this issue next week, if everything goes well. Please stay tuned for announcements.


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Outstanding! Thanks for the update Alex.

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