Bose SA-5 Listed as LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification (Can't change)

Hi All,

I just purchased a Bose SA-5 Amp to plug into integrated house speakers and stream music, etc.

I also want to Stream a Notification from AWS S3 storage bucket to it. Now, I can do that with my Bose Sound Touch 10 but it doesn’t work with the SA-5.

I am suspecting it’s doing this because the Device Handler that it’s using won’t enable notifications.

Where as the ST 10 has a different DH listed:

I tried to just switch the DH on the SA-5 from “LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification” to “LAN Bose SoundTouch”.

I then click save and it goes back to the main screen with “LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification”. However, I can change it to a completely unrelated DH and it sticks?!

Anyone like to explain that to me? Do we have Bose Team members on this forum?

I really want to blast “Good Bye Horses” over my house speakers when some unwanted visitor trips an entry sensor at 3 AM. LOL.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry, bumping my own post. Anyone have an idea on this?

Do we have active Bose participants on this forum?


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Same thing here. Bose Lifestyle 650 with “LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification” and Bose Soundtouch 10 with “LAN Bose SoundTouch”.

I can also only use the Soundtouch 10 for notifications.

I’m quite new to ST, so have only just started investigating. I would appreciate a hands up if you find a solution or explanaition to this.