Bosch Alarm Panel - MQTT Gateway

Hi All,
First time poster. Wanted to share some information on a project I have been working on where I successfully integrated my Bosch Alarm System ICP-404CC into Home Assistant (HA) by developing a MQTT gateway which connects directly onto the Bosch alarm security board AUX port. The advantage with this approach is I can still use my existing Bosch keypads along with the HA keypad. Also, with the HA app, it now automatically arms and disarms my security system based on my location, no need to enter my alarm code. I could see this being useful for the smartthings community. I don’t have a Bosch solution 8, 16, 2000 or 3000 but I’m confident it could be expanded to support the various boards. I haven’t yet developed the Bosch Alarm MQTT gateway as a product yet but if you PM me, I can evaluate the demand and consider releasing something.

Hi, How does this interface with the alarm exactly? did you use the serial bus? I have a solution 3000 im trying to integrate via the serial bus and it seems like no one on the internet has done it before.

Hi Michael,
I as well didn’t find anywhere on the internet where this was done which is why I created an arduino program which interfaces to Bosch alarm board via serial and on the other side created a mqtt interface. Works pretty well but took some time to hack the protocol.

This would be pretty interesting! That looks so cool!
I too have Bosch that alarm panel (ICP-404CC), how difficult was it to integrate?
I wouldn’t use it for the on/off function as such, more to monitor the IR zones and see if they could mesh into presence lighting as such…

The only difficult part is knowing the alarm panel programming code so that the mqtt can decode the messages. Since my alarm panel was pre-configured, I didn’t know the programming code which meant I had to reset the whole panel.
The system has been working flawlessly for 6months now and I don’t need to think about arming and disarming the alarm. I also configured in Home assistant to send me a notification when the alarm has been armed or triggered.
Parts you need:

  • Arduino board
  • jumper wires
  • Alarm panel programing code
  • USB-to-serial adapter in case you need to reprogram the panel
  • Bosch programing software

Thanks Johnty

Alarm programming (Installer?) code is easy, I put it in :slight_smile:
USB-to-Serial adapter check
Bosch programing software, is that the Solution Link software that is available from the Bosch website?

Currently I have a couple of ESP8266 kicking around, I’d rather get a board with better cache i think…
I’ll let you know once I have a play. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!!