Control Bond Home Fan with WebCore?

Is there a way to control the devices that come in via Bond thru WebCore? I’m trying to turn on my Foyer Fan when at a certain temperature. Was able to do it with IFTT but that route seems to be going away/gone.

I do not have a bond. Have you tried to add the bond device in your instance of webcore : settings : available devices : available devices : at the bottom under select devices by capability in group 1-3?

i just checked there. The Fan’s are not even listed as available devices in WebCore

Check this thread…

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Thank you… This looks complicated on its face. I also have a fan that does winter mode, will have to see how to integrate that.

Not directly no, you can create a virtual device that webcore can control then use custom automations in the v3 app to keep the virtual device in sync with the bond device.
It’s kinda gludgy, but i have it setup and it works.

Did you look under Switches? Or just actuators for the fan?

But that’s for controlling your bond hub via HTTP requests, not about controlling a bond device that is already synced to Hubutat. That’s not the same thing.

@Ryan780 you found the fans hiding under the rock. They were there. made my life very simple!! Thank you

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Most welcome.

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