Bluetooth keyboard connection to PC

Assuming its possible with the current hardware, I would be ecstatic if I was able to link my Samsung hub to my PC as a Bluetooth keyboard to run key combinations which are set to run scripts on my PC.

Currently I am using a harmony hub to do this, but its flakey at best, the fewer the components the better, and I imagine smartthings would have more versatility

You can use a program called EventGhost to send commands from SmartThings to a PC. It’s pretty cool. Just make a Virtual Switch and tie that switch to a PC action via Send Events to Event Ghost App.

The steps to send the Event to the PC are listed in the below tutorial. Take what you need from it but it offers all the tools you need.

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Interesting that sounds a lot more reliable than a bluetooth interface, I’ll have to check that out. unfortunately I am using linux so it work work out of the box. perhaps it’ll work in wine (crosses fingers). otherwise I suppose it would be good programming experience to figure out how to program a basic version of that in java (2nd year computer science student).

Hardware reality check: Although the hub has a Bluetooth radio inside, it has never been enabled, so you can’t use it if that’s what you were thinking of. (It would probably also be using a different Bluetooth profile anyway, since the one for home automation is not the same as the one for keyboards.)

I was afraid it would be something like that. There is so much potential in smart home devices, its to bad the hubs aren’t quite there yet. I just switched from Wink to ST, so far I prefer ST

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