Bloomsky Weather Station

Im not sure if this was supposed to happen, but as soon as I added my PWS, weather underground just gave me a year free membership

I didn’t realize I had to add it twice. It wouldn’t accept it yesterday with both WU station ID and Camera ID. I wound up just adding it as a camera, leaving station ID blank before it would go through. So I just went in and tried again, adding it as PWS and it wouldn’t work until I blanked out the Camera ID.
Seems " strange" that I had to link it twice once as PWS and once as a camera and now have 2 separate devices on WU, but yes as soon as it linked as PWS it extended premium for another year. So now May 2017.

Would someone familiar with the service explain the advantages of using Weather Underground?

From a home automation/Smartthings perspective.

Yup just noticed the same thing. Nice bonus

None that I can think of :smiley:

I use wunderground whenever i want to know the weather. I find it does better than other websites like weather channel, etc, mostly because it can forecast to individual neighborhoods, not just entire cities, because they encourage people to connect personal weather stations to wunderground to give them more data. Now that I have my bloomsky hooked up to it, I can use all of wundergrounds nice algorithms to get a forecast for my house. They also have one of the best radar maps and APIs around.

You can make a weather tile in smart things with this to pull the weather underground data into smartthings. You dont need your own PWS to do this, but if you have a bloomsky, thats just another way to pull in the data. Then you can use the outdoor data to trigger events, like turning up the heat if its super cold out, or turning on a fan when its hot and no one is home, etc.

So my Lux reset to 0 at 6:05pm and is slowly climbing up again.

I made my own Smart Things weather tile, linked to WU and that seems to be tracking Lux better but will not know until tomorrow. It dropped to 0 at sunset then popped up to 10 for some reason but has been at 10 since sunset.

I just ordered my BloomSky with solar panel through the community outreach program. You have to make your BloomSky public for 6+ months and share BloomSky with others, and you get a BloomSky for free! I can’t wait to get it in! Paired wth my other station, I’m going to have very detailed weather! And now about SmartThings… I wish Weather Underground had integration with Smartthings or IFTTT so I could share the weather data with Smartthings. I guess I’m going to try to write my first SmartApp.

I had this issue too. I ordered mine on the 12th and I don’t even have a shipping label yet. I contacted BloomSky and they said their warehouse is backed up and it should ship soon.

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You can integrate WU with SmartThings easily.

Setup a new SmartThings weather device and instead of your zip you use: Pws:yourwustationid

Just did it today thanks to an earlier post in this thread.

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Once you get it set up, just add your station ID in this thread. You should have no problem getting your required 20 shares.

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That’s a great idea!

Thanks! But how do I set up a new weather device? Do I do it through IFTTT or SmartTiles?

Yeah, there’s something definitely wrong with the illuminance. This is a graph of mine that’s been sitting in a dark interior room with no windows over the last 6 hours.


in Smartthings IDE…

Now I found it! Thank you!!

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Are you grabbing this data from and if so could you point me to where it is? my graphs don’t show illuminance.

No, I’m pulling it from Tim’s DTH.

Update as of right now:

Are we sure the illuminance value in the API isn’t giving us some sort of counter instead of illuminance data?

Would you mind sharing how you’re pulling it from the DTH? I’m sure you’re not doing it manually!

The DTH provides the “Illuminance Measurement” capability. You can subscribe to it or access it via a SmartApp just like you would subscribe to temperature, humidity, etc.