Google Home Assistant and Dimmer?

My Google Home mini will not set dimming levels on my GE lamp dimmer. It will turn it on/off but if I say “hey google set the bedroom lamp to 10” it says device is not recognized. I did some searching and saw that google home is picky about device names so I tried renaming it to dimmer or light, neither seemed to work.

Does it work with any SmartThings dimmers?

Same issue here, extremely annoying.

Hey, Google set the dining room light to 20%. - doesn’t work

Hey Google turn the dining room light to 20%. - doesn’t work

Hey Google adjust the dining room light to 20%. - doesn’t work

Those work with Alexa and Smartthings.

***I am using a custom device handler for my GE fan switch, but using the stock one for my GE Dimmer switches. Google does set the fan switch when I ask to set to xx percent, but not the light switches.

Google must not be seeing something in the stock device handlers…

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Odd, I have zero issues w/dimming via GH…Hey Google, set the Dining Lights to 50%, Hey Google, set Kim’s light to 80%, etc. Both Hue lights and switches work fine, regardless of names (some have “light” in the name, some have “lights” in the name).

Thanks for the feedback.

NP, just wanted to confirm that it can work, always has for me. Not sure what the difference is on your end, if you want me to check anything, let me know.

Forgot to mention, all my lights are Hue (connected to ST via the Hue bridge) and my switches are all GE.

I have a dining room lamp and a dining room light. The dining room light is on a dimmer and is the chandelier.

If I do not put these into rooms they work independently which is how I want them. Perfect. But…the dimmer doesn’t work with standard phrases.

If I put the dining room light (dimmer) into the Dining Room (room) the phrase, set the dining room light to xx percent works! But…now if I say turn the dining room light on/off it does not work independently. Google also turns on/off the dining room lamp, even though it is not in the Dining Room (room).

This can’t be right. They work independently if nothing is in the room, but Google can’t use the proper dimmer phrase. If the dimmer is placed in the room, then the proper phrase can be used, but they no longer work independently. Makes no sense. They should still work independently if they are both not in the room. I never want my switches and plugs to be combined.

If I completely delete the dining room ROOM then it works!! The lights are independent and I can ask Google to set the dining room light to xx percent and it works. I can ask to turn off the dining room light and it only turns the dining room light off, not the lamp too.

It’s too bad rooms doesn’t operate 100% correctly. It should never turn off a lamp or light that is not in that room.

I will probably have to delete all the Rooms if I want these devices to dim properly and work independently, but the Google home device in some of the rooms. Guess I can create bogus rooms and move them there. Room 1, Room 2, and so on.

I think you will find that if you rename the Chandelier “Chandelier Light”, and the table lamp “Table Lamp” you will be able to group them into a room called "Dining Room with no problem. Then you can ask for actions on the Chandelier or Table Light without the confusion of a room also having the same name as the lights contained within it. You will also then be able to ask for “Dining Room” lights to be turned on and get them to act as a group when desired.