Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 Smart socket

I try to understand.
I bought 10 Blitzwolf b-sph13 smart plugs which are not recognized.
I just use the code “smart power outlet”. It works but I don’t have the consumption.
Why then does my Innr sp120 smart plug which has ‘smart power outlet’ give me the consumption?

Hi P,

I started of more carefully and only bought 2 initially. Was really existed, as I have good experience with BW products normally, and finally saw an outlet supporting ZigBee, at the same price as Ikea Trådfri.
Just received the first, and happy with design and build quality as always, but looks like I’m facing similar issues and you. I can connect it with Nearby item search, and after discovering it as Thing, I have tried to change the device handlers… I’m using Zigbee Powering meter at the moment, but it only gives me the ability to toggle on/off, even if the tiled for power monitoring are present, they don’t seem to receive feedback.
I read somewhere on Banggood comments, that it was currently only supported in on of the Native Tuya/Smartlife apps (where I already have some of their WiFi models, showing correctly energy usage), but really hope to get this working in ST app too, or Home Assistant eg. (Haven’t gotten around to try the later yet, but do have the WiFi outlet working through a Tuya Plugin to Home Assistant there… But I would expect some senior Smartthings experts, fix us up some custom IDE, so we can get it working as intended :slight_smile:
I’ll happily take 5 of your lot then, instead of waiting on Chinese snail mail :smiley:
But interested to learn that innr sp120, actually also delivers Power usage… I thought it was only on/off toggle as well, and then the fact that they were comparable with an even more simple Hue Lan bridge only setup… Will try and get my hands on a pair of them now, as they are also reasonably priced, and doesn’t take up half the socket space :slight_smile: thanks for that hint…
And let’s track down the clever ST guys for some assistance on the Blitzwolf BW-SHP13.
Have a nice day.

I changed mine (2 outlets in total) to the 'ZigBee Switch Power" device handler, and they seem to be running locally and be able to toggle on/off, as well as showing live W power consumption…
Would like to have a few more overview stats, like kW/h etc, but we are moving in the right direction… :slight_smile: and heyy, they are like 11€ each… The cheapest ZigBee outlets with power monitoring I can find, and not enormously big in size.
Hope it works for you too…


Unfortunately in my hands it doesn’t work as Mtpaulsen has made it work. Changing the device handler did, exactly once, put a value to the current wattage. It never updated, nor did it correctly (or at all) count power consumption. I have the impression that it is not following Zigbee standards (except for on/off), but instead uses the Tuya cluster to communicate. When I have time, I will try to investigate that in more detail.
For the time being, may I ask whether anybody has already made it work, and if so, how exactly?

I am also interrested in the power consumption function. Do you have any luck and getting results from your investigation?

I did some tests by changing the type of device in IDE interface and I have a consumption.

Do you know IDE ? =>
I chose the type of device “ZIGBEE METERING PLUG” like attached file

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And this works well for you? The only powerconsumption I get when changing the device type or try another dth is 5.x Watts which does not change.

I did not find better

It just does not work for me. The Wattmeter does not change in value when I hang a device on the plug. The same issue @frayer is describing.

Misters!!! I was trying some of the stock devices at IDE, I found 2 that actually work with at least power measurement!! The first one, because I was zapping them all I forgot what it was, but then, I found another one! So… there are more just you guys to know!! The one I’m using is: SmartPower Outlet
Not the V1 version…
it just show the on/off , plus those timer options and the power meter!!! But that’s fine to me!!!



I did some tests

I chose the type of device “ZIGBEE METERING PLUG”

Yes Enjoy

see my screenshot

It doesn’t work for me. Could you please check the device details? Mine are:


  • application: 41
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_g5xawfcq
  • model: TS0121
  • zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

Raw Description 01 0104 0051 01 06 0000 0004 0005 0006 0702 0B04 02 0019 000A

Hi Frank,


Mine doesn’t work too!

I can see the power usage value! But it doesn’t update the stat as I turn on or off the think I have connected there!!
On the other hand the other value, the KWh update over time… I think it update the wrong values based on the always On 4.2kw so it’s a wrong update!!!

When I fist post that I found a profile that fits I saw the values changing instantly as I was using the device but I forgot what profile I was using! Cause I was zapping from them all that say power or monitor and when I tonight it was it! I stoped and 2hours later the values stuck and the colored bar just got gray!!! Forever!!! I don’t get it!!

My question for you pascal is, are you values change?!? Or are they stuck no matter the stat of the device u have connected there?!?

Also! Did I just plug in, pair, change the ide profile type to that one and that it?? Or did you change that multiple times and then change to that nas it just worked?!?

I have the same Plug model firmware and the same issues. I think this may be a clone with other electronics inside than the original version. Mine also came in a box with a manual referring to a WiFi plug.

And what is even worse, this Plug cannot be used as a reliable on/off switch as it does not do a full galvanic separation. I also read other comments that even if the power sensor works it seems to lack a voltage compensation (no true power messurement sensor) so the measurement is very inaccurate.

So this is another example of setting your expectations right when buying cheap components from Banggood, I will return mine.

Hi there! I have the same Plug model firmware and the same issues, but just run Smartthings Classic, then select my plug and press “update” in device meter tab. Then it start works propertly. May be it can help you. Best fegards!

You’re right!
Also! Based on you observation, I made a webcore automation to refresh the state of the device every 30 seconds, that way I have the values right all the time!


Can you please share this webcore piston?

its actually not hard at all, u can change the refresh time, i’m using 1 minute


Now with the classic Smartthings app being dead, I unfortunately cannot try this out.