SmartPower Outlet power mesurement issue ( it's reporting 1/10 of the real use)


I have a issue with smartpower outlet (inner SP 120) :

  • I buy 2 of them, they work nicely, easily to pair, …
    But the smartthings report ( in both ) the power measurement badly on them, it’s reporting 10 time fewer than the reality

  • In the log of , i can saw (for example) :

Date Source Type Name Value User Displayed Text
[ 2019-10-19 5:31:07.028 PM CEST
moments ago ]( DEVICE power 14.7 PC Écran power is 14.7

But in reality, it’s not use 14,7watt but 147 watt (measured with other kind of equipment)

Have you a idea why it’s happen and what i can do to fix it ?


I had a similar problem with the Salus Controls SP600 Smart Plug and the Hive Active Plug, both made by Computime, when using the Zigbee Switch Power device handler. If I remember correctly …

In Zigbee devices, power is reported in kW and is measured to the nearest 0.0001 kW (i.e. 0.1 W). In order to be reported as an integer value it is multiplied by 10,000. This latter number is also reported by the device so the value can be converted back to kW.

The SmartThings device handler actually divides the reported value by 10 as it uses watts not kilowatts. It doesn’t actually check the divisor (it probably should), it just assumes it is 10,000 because it always is, including in those two plugs which were simply reporting incorrect values.

A simple fix would have been to create a bespoke device handler for those devices without the divisor. A better fix would be to fix the generic device handlers (which can run locally) to use a different divisor for those devices but how? Preferences could have been used but wouldn’t apply to the ‘new app’. Was there a way of fingerprinting them accurately enough to change the divisor for just those plugs? What would happen if a firmware update changed things? I was never that interested in Zigbee Power Monitoring and I moved on from the conversation and no longer have those plugs.

Could something similar perhaps be happening here? Is a generic handler being used?