Blink to turn on a plug and then turn off five minutes later

A quick sanity check before I start buying. Can I have a Blink camera turn on a compatible plug when motion detected, and then turn the plug off after five minutes?

If you’re using IFTTT to integrate your Blink cameras as a virtual motion sensor and the new ST app automation rules you should be able to do it.

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Have they (Blink) fixed that terrible delay for IFTTT? There’s no delay with arming/disarming but motion takes forever to report.

Read somewhere where someone was able to sniff the packets and create a virtual motion that was instant but have not dug into it.

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Nothing to sniff, “technically” the original blink integration still works :slight_smile: , just that they’ve just blocked some ST servers after the amazon acquisition so it just doesn’t work through ST at the moment. We need to release the blink IFTTT integration, will get around to it soon hopefully.

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Please do because they “Blink” put the “usually executes in an hour” crap on their own IFTTT integration for motion while arming/disarming is flagged for “usually the executes within a couple of seconds”.

Yes, been waiting patiently for @RBoy and is hint at some “fix” for the arrogance of Amazon. I can’t count the number of time I have to manually disable cameras (like working in the back yard or shed) and forgetting to enable them before bed.

There is a pretty simple setup via IFTTT to arm/disarm all the cameras on 1 sync module. I have 3 sync modules so it’s a little easier to drill down on which cameras I want to arm/disarm. However, there is no current integration to enable/disable individual cameras.

IFTTT is fast when arming/disarming but takes way too long to alert motion via IFTTT.

Basically, you create Virtual Switches for each sync module and the same for each camera for motion events and tie them together in IFTTT.

Okay, here’s the first release