Special-purpose SmartApp for blink camera motion handling

There are some other apps and solutions out there but if someone wants a special-purpose smartapp, here you go: GitHub - greglarious/BlinkMotionHandler: SmartThings app for integrating with blink camera motion alerts

Basic setup is to have IFTTT trigger a Simulated Switch in smartthings
This app uses that switch to trigger a Simulated Motion Sensor and a real switch
After a config num minutes it turns off the real switch and sets the Simulated Motion Sensor to inactive.

End result: when the back door camera detects motion, it turns on the back door light for 5 minutes and also triggers a motion detector which can lead to further automation. After 5 minutes, the Simulated Switch and the real switch are set to off and the Simulated Motion Detector is reset.

Motion alerts with Blink and IFTTT use to take too long to be useful but I can confirm with a Pro account, motion events now trigger within seconds.

With 3 Sync Modules and 9 Cameras, this would have been super useful! Does this have the ability to arm/disarm the system(s)?

I think Arm/Disarm is possible. In my mere minutes of IFTTT experimentation I noticed exactly 1 trigger (camera motion) and 2 actions (arm/disarm). I assume that the same Simulated Device concept could serve as a signal from SmartThings into IFTTT to handle the Arm/Disarm but have not experimented there yet. For now, I am just using the scheduled Arm/Disarm in Blink.

Something like this?

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