Got Blink Cameras to work with Smartthings using IFTTT (Easy) #likeaboss

Im going to keep this short and sweet.

Step 1. Create a virtual switch (On/off) and name it Blink Cameras Sample Directions here

Step 2: Use IFTTT and connect to Smart things and Blink services
Step 3: Make sure to authorize “Blink Cameras” (step 1)
Step 4. Create a new Applet
Step 5: Search Smart things and select “Switched on” or “Switched off”
Switched on is armed and Switch off is disarmed
Step 6: Find the “Blink Camera” switch you created in step 1
Step 7: Create trigger and go to “+that”
Step 8: Find Blink and select which cameras you either want to disarm or arm
Step 9: Add the “Blink Cameras” switch to your routines in ST

See below my screen as an example. Clink on images to see the full image


Awesome you got it figured out. Most of us that were Blink supporters used RBoys integration. The IFTTT is a joke compared to the flexibility it offered.

I have 3 sync modules and the way you set it up above is the only option available now. I hate that we lost so much.

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This video is out of date. Ignoring the out of date google home stuff, you can now create a virtual switch in the SmartThings app.

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of another way but the info in the video still works

Is this still working for you? I’m trying to use my Blink cameras as a motion detector, but IFTTT never seems to send the alert to SmartThings. I know it is setup right, since as soon as I go to IFTTT and click “check” applet, it runs correctly.

Any ideas?

Notice on the IFTTT applet it says that it may take several hours to trigger…This is the problem. I have it set up with IFTTT and it takes forever to get the motion alerts. For a security camera, it’s a joke. This is something that Blink has put limitations on on their side. ST to Blink is very quick and arming and disarming through ST is fast.

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Bummer, thanks. I’m going to have to find an outdoor motion sensor.

It’s adding overhead to Blink’s servers

If you have an Android device you can intercept the notification from Blink with Tasker and send this info to ST via Sharptools or a Webhook to Webcore.


Ah interesting, thanks. No android devices here unfortunately. Perhaps I will wait for a Ring Doorbell or Nest hello since those seem to have a little better integration.

Reason for all this is I love the idea of using the new Echo Speaks to put volume to 100 and play a “Dog Barking” sound effect when away.

So really just need an easy way to send motion alert to webcore, thought Blink would do it, but I guess not!

Works for me. I don’t use “just the motion” in ST. I use it to arm and disarm blink and use the blink system for security.

Question, I was able to create the virtual switch and connect ST and Blink to ifttt. The problem I am having is the virtual switch in ST will arm the system but not disarm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you make an applet to disarm also?

Yes. So when I press the “armed” virtual switch it arms the cameras, but the switch stays on and if I tap the switch it turns off the switch but not disarming the cameras, and when I want to disarm them I have to press the “disarm” virtual switch twice.

I hope this makes sense.

You have 2 virtual switches, One for arm and one for disarm? It can be done with just one virtual/simulated switch on>arm blink and off>disarm blink. I think the reason it is taking two pushes of your disarm switch is that you are turning it on then off which then triggers the disarm applet.

That is correct, I do have two switches. So based on what you are saying both tasks (arm and disarm) should be combined into one virtual switch via IFTTT? I will attempt to correct this, any guidance would be much appreciated.

I have one switch for each of my sync modules, one controls indoor cameras and one controls outdoor cameras to make zones. I have used them this way for several years without issue since they dropped/blocked ST integration using Rboy’s apps after Amazon acquired Blink.