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Got Blink Cameras to work with Smartthings using IFTTT (Easy) #likeaboss

(George) #1

Im going to keep this short and sweet.

Step 1. Create a virtual switch (On/off) and name it Blink Cameras Sample Directions here

Step 2: Use IFTTT and connect to Smart things and Blink services
Step 3: Make sure to authorize “Blink Cameras” (step 1)
Step 4. Create a new Applet
Step 5: Search Smart things and select “Switched on” or “Switched off”
Switched on is armed and Switch off is disarmed
Step 6: Find the “Blink Camera” switch you created in step 1
Step 7: Create trigger and go to “+that”
Step 8: Find Blink and select which cameras you either want to disarm or arm
Step 9: Add the “Blink Cameras” switch to your routines in ST

See below my screen as an example. Clink on images to see the full image

(Ron Talley) #2

Awesome you got it figured out. Most of us that were Blink supporters used RBoys integration. The IFTTT is a joke compared to the flexibility it offered.

I have 3 sync modules and the way you set it up above is the only option available now. I hate that we lost so much.

(Jimmy) #3

This video is out of date. Ignoring the out of date google home stuff, you can now create a virtual switch in the SmartThings app.

(George) #4

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of another way but the info in the video still works

(Shane) #5

Is this still working for you? I’m trying to use my Blink cameras as a motion detector, but IFTTT never seems to send the alert to SmartThings. I know it is setup right, since as soon as I go to IFTTT and click “check” applet, it runs correctly.

Any ideas?

(Ron Talley) #6

Notice on the IFTTT applet it says that it may take several hours to trigger…This is the problem. I have it set up with IFTTT and it takes forever to get the motion alerts. For a security camera, it’s a joke. This is something that Blink has put limitations on on their side. ST to Blink is very quick and arming and disarming through ST is fast.

(Shane) #7

Bummer, thanks. I’m going to have to find an outdoor motion sensor.

( - Make your home your butler!) #8

It’s adding overhead to Blink’s servers

(Ernie) #9

If you have an Android device you can intercept the notification from Blink with Tasker and send this info to ST via Sharptools or a Webhook to Webcore.


(Shane) #11

Ah interesting, thanks. No android devices here unfortunately. Perhaps I will wait for a Ring Doorbell or Nest hello since those seem to have a little better integration.

Reason for all this is I love the idea of using the new Echo Speaks to put volume to 100 and play a “Dog Barking” sound effect when away.

So really just need an easy way to send motion alert to webcore, thought Blink would do it, but I guess not!

(George) #12

Works for me. I don’t use “just the motion” in ST. I use it to arm and disarm blink and use the blink system for security.