Blink camera to Alexa integration broken?

Is anyone else using ST to Alexa to Blink to control their camera arming? I used to use ST to IFTTT to Blink but it got really flaky and, then when they cut the IFTTT free service to the bone, I gave up and moved to Alexa. Been working great since then, at least 2-3 months, but today I started to get error notices from Alexa saying it can’t arm/disarm the security system. Thinking I probably just needed to re-link (which in Alexa world means wipe and start over unfortunately), I disabled the skill and deleted all the devices (camera and 1 hub). Now I can reconnect the skill but no devices are discovered.

Anyone else have this problem now or in the past and know how to resolve?

Yes, I am getting the same error for arming. Disarming work fine.

I’m still on IFTTT for mine. Hadn’t had any issues with mine. Hadn’t considered using Alexa but that’s a thought. Hope you get it worked out.

I just fixed it by changing the “Alexa Will” portion of the arming routing to a Custom action that says "ask Blink to arm my blink camera. My pin is xxxx.


If I can get it to discover the devices again I’ll give this a try.

Magically started working again this morning. Was able to discover the devices this time, updated my routines to add the devices back, and back to normal. Phew!

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