Blink, small tablet, Fully Kiosk Browser

I have a couple of small tablets setup around the house now with the app Fully Kiosk Browser to open SmartTiles upon motion… I have a Blink Camera hanging from the wreath on my front door. I would like to setup a tablet on the entry table that will act just like the others, but instead of showing ST it will show the Blink app screen. Fully Kiosk seems to only work with url’s… anyone know anyway I can achieve this with the Blink app? Thanks

Could you let the tablet run blink app, let it go to sleep like all tablets do. Then use the old method of waking camera with a camera app and Tasker?

This is how many (myself included) Use to wake the screen before Fully Kiosk had it built in.

All the info you need is on the forum just finding it will be a challenge. I think it was in one of the topics of making the smarttiles tablet mods.

I’ll try to find it later, I might even still have the Tasker profile and the app on my tablet at home if others don’t jump in with info or you can’t find it.

You can try using Fully’s JS Interface in order to start other apps from Fully Kiosk Browser. Look here for FAQ about other apps:

Use Target Home Launcher (available in playstore). It will set any app as the launcher, so by default that will be your main screen.

Urrrr… I was messing around with Fully Kiosk trying to see if I could get it to work to do what I want with the java script and somehow set a PIN… urrrr… I swear I did not as that is the last thing I want…

If you enable the Kiosk Mode you will have to enter the PIN to reach settings and other apps. If you haven’t changed the PIN it’s probably still the default one: 1234

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Thanks Alexey… that is what I had done. I did just send you an email asking about using Fully with an app rather than an URL. Ginny