Android 10 has broken Fully Kiosk on Samsung Tab A

I have been using Fully Kiosk+ActionTiles+Smartthings for awhile and been happy. Screen would go to sleep after a couple of minutes but motion in front of the camera or sound would wake it up. PIN needed to exit Fully to the app menu screen.

Updated to Android 10 recently. As a result, frequently the screen would not wake up and I had to resort to using the power switch (not easy on a wall mount) or sometimes even needed a reboot. Only current solution according to FK tech support is to have the screen stay on 100% of the time. I am worried about that burning the screen.

So, I have resorted to just using Chrome to display the AT panel. To facilitate ready access, I removed PIN protection on the lock screen so I only have to swipe to restore AT panel when the screen saver comes on. To keep from automatic powering down after extended screen saving, I enabled “developer mode” and enabled “constant on as long as plugged in”. Anyone have a better solution?

Android 13??? Android 12 is still in beta and a stable version hasn’t been released yet. If you are running a beta those sort of things are expected. I’d roll back to a stable 11.

sorry, it was Android 10

Is the screen really going to sleep or is it just very dim, almost looking like it is asleep but it’s not? If that’s the case, there as a FKB setting to tweak.

No, it is black and does not respond until I press the power button. sometimes that does not work and have to reboot. This is the response I got from FK tech support:

" Has your Samsung device updated to Android 11?

There is known issue:

  • Some Samsung devices with Android 11 seem to kill apps when the screen is off and device is sleeping. You can’t use any Screen Off features with these devices. It looks like there is no workaround for now.

Please use the Screensaver instead of Screen Off for workaround.


I have found an alternate solution: WallPanel for Android. It is from GitHub. Wakes on motion detection from camera, but not on sound. It meets my needs.

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turns out, WallPanel has the same issue. Intermittently, the app hangs requiring reboot. Only solution seems to be to keep the screen on all the time.