RCA Tablet as Smarttiles interface (Review)

(Jake Oliver) #1

I recently mounted a small tablet on the wall to display ActionTiles. I really wanted the screen off all the way when not in use, and to come on when it sensed motion via the camera, so, the Kindle was not an option (cannot disable lockscreen). So I bought Fully Kiosk Browser, and a $50 RCA 7" tablet from WalMart.
Guys…this tablet is BAD. I uninstalled everything I could, disabled everything else, and it still lags just bringing up the notification shade. So so bad. I used the 50$ kindle – this is not even comparable. Don’t buy this for anyone you love. So bad.

Has anyone else used Actiontiles with a super underpowered tablet? Any suggestions to help it out?
I’m afraid once I get a video doorbell set up, the video feed will make the poor thing unusable.
I need to be less of a cheapass, but I was not expecting something this bad.