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Blink Home Monitoring $25.00 off referral

(Beckwith) #1

If you are an existing Blink user, post here if you want to offer this deal to a new Blink user. A new Blink user, Private Message with your e-mail if you want the $25.00 off deal. Once a referral is made, delete your post. Only one referral per user. Requires $99.00 minimum purchase.

The 10% deal is better if you buy the five pack or are an existing customer:

$25 off blink camera code
Blink or Arlo?
(Bobby) #2

@Mbhforum tried but he couldn’t combine them :anguished:


I am still looking for a user that whats to share with me so I can save $25 as a new user. Let me know if anyone can help


will send you a PM


Best I can tell use the link

Send me an email with $25 certificate or code for discount
you will also get $25 to use on next order.


done… plus 10

(Marc) #7

It could be because I only bought one camera which brought my total price below $99.00.

(Devesh Batra) #8

i can request a code if someone wants one

(zraken) #9

Let me know if you need a code.

(Bobby) #10

I need a referral. Buying two cams, so PM if anyone is interested…

(Zakaria Mohamed) #11

Here’s one if anyone needs it.


Anyone want to share in this Deal, PM me with your email and we can both get $25 discount? Order has to be $99 minimum.

(Beckwith) #13

New but similar deal:

“Send a $25 off $150 or more code to friends. When someone you referred purchases, you’ll be given the same code 30 days later. This is a discount code, not a cash credit. USA only. Discount cannot be combined with other offers. One code per transaction.”

As before, Blink owners post here so others can private message for the referal.


I will be happy to get codes for new user…just pm me…

(Tim) #15

I’m currently testing out Blue Iris because I already have a Foscam camera and so far I’m really liking it. Will the Blink cameras work with Blue Iris?


PM me if you need a code.

(Lye Ong) #17

I am looking for a code if anyone wants to share. Looking to get the 2 unit kit.


Here is my referal link: You get $25 and I get $25

(Frank Bordonaro) #19

I’d like a new customer code too please


Please click on my referal link above and you can get the $25 discount.