10% off Blink Wireless Camera

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I really like mine. They just added multi-system and scheduling support. There are a couple of smart apps that integrate with SmartThings including Rboy’s:


Cannot wait for mine to ship…10% is like getting @rboy s app for free! And once you get the blink app, you have access to all other great apps…I totally recommend the locks app, for example.


Does it has zwave function? How it integrate with SmartThings?

Cloud to cloud.

From one of the amazon user review:


  • True wirefree home security monitoring system.
  • Easy setup
  • Strong sync module reception
  • Fairly small form factor
  • No expensive proprietary batteries. The system uses readily available AA batteries.
  • Relatively low cost of ownership per camera


  • Limited app functionality
  • No motion sensing zone setup. Anything moves anywhere in the field of view will set off recording and alert. (Important)
  • When the camera is recording you will see a blue recording light. No way to turn it off for inconspicuous recording. (Important)
  • Not waterproof. This is a wirefree camera so it should be easy to waterproof or at least weather proof the camera for outside of the house installation (Good to have)
  • The minimum motion sensing delay setting between the events. The minimum delay setting between the events is 10 seconds. That means you cannot record whatever happens in those 10 seconds between each event. I would like to see the ability to set no delay at all, and every second after that until 60 seconds or beyond depending on the individual need. (Big no no)
  • There is a delay in the initial motion sensing until the camera starts recording. (Important)
  • The maximum clip recording length is only 10 seconds. The camera records 10 seconds, then it stops recording and if the motion continues it waits for at least 10 seconds to start recording again since the minimum delay setting between the events is 10 seconds as stated above. (Repeated - Big no no)
  • No infrared. You need a light source for the camera to record any usable footage. It does have a led that you can set to turn on for low light conditions but then every one would know there is a camera recording. (Very Important)

I had high hopes for this camera system but IMO it lacks many important features a security camera system should have. I understand the battery life is a concern but I rather have the above features and change the batteries few times a year than having a system that needs a new battery only once a year.

The good news is that most of the items listed in the cons section can be added by app and firmware update (or so I believe.)

It would be nice to have every feature but there are costs and trade offs.

And since you are quoting an Amazon review, what camera has a better overall score?

Blink 4.2
Amcrest 4.0
Nest 4.0
Arlo 3.9

And since this is a SmartThings forum, which integrates with SmartThings?

Blink isn’t perfect, but I think it strikes the best balance for an affordable camera security system.

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Agree 100% Wish it has all the feature like Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) but in a size and price like Blink Wireless Camera (minus the Sync Module) + the use of AA batteries and zwave integration.

I understand there is no perfect world. Only time and competition can allow us to see greater technology products in affordable price. No doubt the blink camera is at attractive price point and with the 10% I almost jump in to make the purchase until I read the amazon review. :slight_smile:

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Any reason you can’t just cover it ? Is it the same light used for night vision ?

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No it’s a different light, there are a few videos online on how to block it but to do a neat job you need to open the case and thus void the warranty


Its pretty easy to do, i did one cam just to see.

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No night vision.

You can do it but they intentionally make it difficult. It is near the motion sensor and they have a clear cover so the light bleeds through the side if you just tape it. The purpose if so you know when video is taken. I actually like it because I want to know when it is recording so it doesn’t record an embarrassing video by accident. Imagine walking past naked. Then, later you show someone how it works, oops!:blush:

Many other features that I thought I would not like, I now prefer such as the LED light instead of infrared. Color vision at night is better than black and white and since it is a “security” camera, don’t you want to scare away an intruder instead of just record?

Also, other “cons” reported in the one Amazon review such as “motion sensing zone” are not practical with a battery operated camera. A separate motion sensor takes almost no battery. They could add some of these features in the future for powered situations, but just not practical for battery operation which is their primary market.

At the risk of sounding like a Blink fan boy, I would recommend getting at least a pair (prefer five set) and trying them out. For the price and ease of use, it is worth the “risk”, in my opinion.

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No more risk that the $149ea for the Canary and having to deal with CS almost daily because the app and cloud is so buggy. It records a cat/dog wagging its tail, but people can walk around the room waving their arms for 10 minutes and it records them walking out of the room. Or Motorola 5000 where CS just strings you along with promises of a replacement until the 90 day warranty runs out and then ignores all emails.

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I’m sure I’m over selling this product but it seems refreshing that updates don’t break things. Yes, the “promised features” haven’t all been delivered yet, but they don’t come with the “two steps forward one step back” tradition of the industry.


Was targeting a SkyBell so I can move an Arlo in my garage and I ended up getting two Blinks, because I really like the work @rboy did…Dag on, my addiction to SmartThings platform gets me every time.

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The rboy app/device handler indicates there’s a way to set the LED on/off/auto…?

The LED light instead of infrared make me think which is better? If you are a intruder, how would you react if you see a bright light (like a cell phone flash light) in the dark? It think the intruder can either scare away, locate the camera and take it down, or choose to ignore it and cover the face =P

Motion sensing zone do have some usefulness. I own a Foscam that is power by outlet (now the re-brand it to Amcrest) and I have a small PC that I hooked up to a TV. When it is not use, the stand-by mode light is always blinking. The sensing zone allow me to select which part of the scene opt-out from motion sensing and these feature is done by the software. But ‘beckwith’ is right… I don’t think this feature is capable on battery power unit.

You could be right that it won’t scare away an intruder. An alarm siren would work better which can be triggered in SmartThings.

I placed a Blink high in my front porch and people just assume it is a motion sensing light and don’t even notice it as a camera.

Blink cameras are affordable and easy to set up so you can place many. You can get multiple angles and possibly deter or fluster and better identify an intruder. How many cameras can they take or dodge?

That’s what I’m counting on. When they see a flash of light. They’ve got to be pretty dumb to continue. At the very least I have one picture of them.

And it’s natural for someone to look towards a light when it comes on unexpectedly. Nice mug shots.