$50 off from Ring Video Doorbell

This is not a sales pitch.

Ring would like to help create safer neighborhoods by building a digital neighborhood watch within their software, called “Neighborhoods”. After purchasing both a Ring Pro Doorbell and Stick Up cameras for my home, my wife and I can attest to the quality of this product. I have been in discussions with a representative from Ring and based on the level of interest, they are willing to provide a limited-time $50 discount on any of their original Ring Video Doorbell, the new Ring Pro, or Stick Up Camera.

If there is sufficient interest in this area, it will determine if the coupon code will be released. All that I am asking is that if you are interested in receiving a discount on their products, simply reply. I will supply the discount code once it is made available to me.

I do not work for Ring or any subsidiary. I simply want to make our homes safer, as well as pass along a savings to others that I did not have when I purchased my devices.


Interested hopefully coupon would work for the new upcoming ring spot light

I’ve seen several members in ST have a similar post about offering a $50 discount. Does Ring have some kind of referral program? Refer 10 people get a free Ring? Love the product just curious because I have seen a post just like this before.

Side note: too bad the discount does not apply to the new floodlight!

I did not specifically ask them about the new light but now that it’s available for order, I’m hopeful the code will work on it as well.

I can say that after owning for a bit and answering a survey, they may reach out to you. There is a small thank you gift just for helping them spread the word.

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Awesome good to know!!

I’m interested. I have wanted one for a while but the price point always held me back.

I’m interested as well.

Sure … I’m interested

I’m interested in the doorbell and the floodlight.

Keep going back and forth. On their FAQ for the floodlight it specifically mentions possibly releasing a package deal for the doorbell and floodlight. Wondering what kind of discount that would end up being.

I’ve been thinking about getting the flood lights and possibly one or two doorbells for our new house (moving this month) so I may be interested in a discount code.

Count me in. I’d also be interested in a couple of floodlights if $50 discount can be applied to each of them.

I am in… Very interested.



This discount will apply $50 off on the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Pro, or Stick Up Camera. It is available now until Wednesday at 11:59pm. It can only be used on ring.com.

This discount does not apply for the new Floodlight Cam, but I was told that if anyone wants to make a purchase just for the floodlight cam they can make a separate purchase and use code 7chris at checkout.

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Hey I would like the code if it works for the flood light…

You’re a little late to the party. The last post in this thread is about a year old.

That’s kool… thanks anyways… code Military-2018 is a working code for $50

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I just used the Military 2018 code to save $50 on the Ring floodlight security cam. Worked like a charm. Thank you James!!