Blink support discontinued!

Just got an email from Blink. WTF!

On December 19, 2017, Blink is discontinuing support for all SmartThings integrations including the developer RBoy app. For your security, we recommend that you change your Blink password. We thank for your continued support of Blink and apologize for any inconvenience.


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And just when they announce a Blink camera doorbell coming out in 2018.

Makes me think that the developer got hacked or something. I might need to sell all of my Blinks now if I can’t automate them.

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Yeah, just signed up for the news letter too.
There goes my lovely piston that regulates when everything is activated all week long. I will have to endure Blink running 24/7 I guess.

I have another guess about what’s going on, and it has to do with other possible future integrations, but so far it’s just a rumor. We will see, but I know this change will be a problem for many people. :disappointed_relieved:

Merry Christmas from Blink :wink:


I’ve been frustrated with the Blink cameras to begin with since you constantly have to click “Continue” to view a live feed. Rboy’s app was a way around that, but it was always pretty cumbersome to open the ST App, the device, click Live view. I think it’s time to junk Blink and get a better solution.

The change password instructions hit a nerve with me as I feel there was some underlying security issues they aren’t disclosing, but I could be reading too much into this. Perhaps @RBoy can chime in…

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Is it because Blink isn’t supported like the Arlo integration?

“Thank you for calling Blink Customer Support. How may I direct your call?”


I suspect this isn’t an issue on the side of SmartThings but I have to say… this is yet another issue in the home automation realm that has me seriously considering a significant change in my approach. First I have my Samsung TVs completely tied into an automation system that the family knows and loves only to have that functionality ripped out. That one is squarely on Samsung. Then my cameras which are tied into lighting, motion, presence and an entire host of other items is ripped away with a day notice. Minus a significant security issue, which Blink did not clarify, this is pathetic. The only thing keeping me as a Blink customer, given their poor application and constant issues, was this integration. Will definitely be moving to something else.


Is there a way to disable firmware updates to the blink hub? If I can prevent updates then it should ensure the RBoy device handler should continue to work with it correct?

If Blink loses SmartThings integration then they need to be prepared to start doing refunds.

Also what kind of security company sends an email that says “we recommend that you change your Blink password”, but gives no explanation as to why.

I’m selling mine. So much for the purchase for the lake home this year and our second offices.

Perhaps @RBoy could throw some more light on this.


FFS!!! The other half has bought me a pair of Blink XT’s for Christmas!

I always knew that buying Blink cameras was a gamble…unfortunately I lost. I’ll be offloading these asap. So is Arlo our next best option? I always Assumed Arlo was actually the better option, but much more expensive.

Considering how Blink has handled this why should we believe ANY option is safe? I love how I’ve been able to customize my system, nothing else on the market will work like smartthings plus webCore. But at this point I feel like ST has been torpedoed.

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Happy Christmas from Blink. Very annoying.

No notice or anything. Blink doesn’t even do Geo-fencing so have bricked themselves.

I’ve emailed their support to voice my disappointment. Please do the same.

Is there anything else comparable actually available in the market? Arlo has a high time lag and short battery life in comparison.


I wouldn’t say ST has been torpedoed…I doubt they even cared about Blink integration. ST is such a huge platform with other camera integration options

I am considering the Ring Spotlight and just disable the lighting portion. I use them for the exterior of my house and they work great for me. I’d like to consolidate my camera apps/feeds. I am not that interested in ST cameras for Video as it hasn’t bought me much to this point.