Blink: wifi camera/motion sensor on Kickstarter

No info yet on possible integration, but the the early bird prices are nice… $49 for on, or $89 for two.


Now this look interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

Excellent. I just backed it for 2 of them. Hard to beat that price imo. Really hope it will work with ST. Maybe if enough of us back and ask for it it will happen.

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Another “Pay-n-Pray” :smile:


Seems like these guys know what they’re doing:

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Looks like Blink is going to include the API as part of their first release:

"New Feature - Blink API

While Blink’s pilot product is first designed to deliver simple, affordable home insight, it’s our mission to make the system much more than that! To help accomplish this more quickly, we’ll to open our client API and enable our developer community to create additional tools and software that will help accelerate the introduction of new features such as additional storage options, allowing Blink users to more easily customize a system that perfectly fits their home and lifestyle."


That’s certainly encouraging. My biggest desires here are:

First, and most importantly, arm/disable via the api – Hopefully be able to at least get ST to be able to turn it on or off. Even better would be to have Blink be able to communicate with ST when it detects motion.

Second, to be able to store pictures locally (ideally I’d prefer it to never go to their cloud… but I’m not horribly against that idea).

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Looking good.

"New Feature - On-board USB Storage

The Sync Module will be upgraded (for all backers) to include a USB port that will allow users the option to send video clips directly to on-board storage instead of Blink’s servers. All other Blink functionality will be designed to work with this option, provided the USB stick is in place.

Additional storage options, such as NAS support and alternative cloud services, continue to be scoped for potential post-release introduction.

Thank you!

-The Blink Team"

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I have already backed them and asked them directly for SmartThings integration!

The offer fre storage. The catch is that it is not unlimited and that the will delete the oldest record to free up space for new recordings. That is fine by me as I will back up locally!

It would be great if we could integrate local NAS or personal terabyte drives as storage for more security.

Blink just made an announcement at CES that pre-order is available now.

I read the FAQ and found this response to integration. Disappointed that the integration will not be immediately available. Does anyone know the inside scoop? I ordered two cameras and the sync hub for $139. Not bad for completely wireless HD cameras. I know the integration will happen, just does not appear at the launch.

Does Blink integrate with other smart home platforms and devices?

Our initial Blink product won’t offer this functionality, but it’s a feature we know is extremely important to our backers. We want to make Blink as user-friendly as possible, including integration with other Smart Home products down the road.


Product currently in beta. Pre-orders supposedly start shipping mid-Oct.

Recent comment posted by Blink! concerning ST -
Creator Blink 2 days ago
xxxxxxxx - Thanks for your feedback! SmartThings integration is certainly a highly requested feature, and one platform that we are considering for the future. Convenience to our users is certainly a top priority, and we know that greater smart-home compatibility would help to make Blink even better!

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Is that on Kickstarter or on Blink!'s site?

I really would love to see something connected with SmartThings, but more than that I just want to see my stuff! :smile:

Honestly, I haven’t backed a project on Kickstarter in over a year now. And that one was only because it was a good deal from a company I’d already done business with so I knew they were dependable.

Lima was the one that really, really soured me… Over promised, way under delivered, and WAAAAAAYYYY past their timeline. I finally received my Lima a few months back… still sitting in it’s box.

Blink is now 4 months past their timeline… If they ship in October I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m waiting for LaMetric too… they are now 9 months past their schedule. The funny thing with them is that in the comments I said to others that their time line seemed ambitious. I just automatically assume any tech product on Kickstarter is going to be 3-6 months late.

LaMetric ASSURED me that they weren’t going to be late. They repeatedly said they were almost ready to go and anticipated no problem making the January 2015 ship date.

Okay… rant done. Sorry. :slight_smile:

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No worries there. I am in the same boat. Just want my Blink system. And they promised me in the their PM, that they will give me their API in order to get ST integration going. We’ll see about that promise.

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You can follow the comments on the Kickstarter website where they are trying to keep their supporters on the reservation.

We just waited several extra months for STv2 and everybody is in a stir because something that has not been done before is 4-6 months late.

I am happy to wait. 2 cameras and a hub for $139 is a great deal compared to the latest wireless offerings.

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That is interesting. I am waiting for my set as well so this would be awesome to integrate.

My friend who was not a backer but a pre-order already got an e-mail telling her that Blink is shipping in October.

I’ll believe it when I see it… Tech is notorious for slipping deadlines and Kickstarter is notorious for slipping deadlines…

Add tech + Kickstarter?? You just have to assume it’s going to be late… REALLY late… until it finally shows up in your hands.

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Be Positive @chrisb !