Black Friday Deals!

It really does. Some people think that’s really cool, some people find it creeps them out.

I tried one and liked all of the technical capabilities, but my health aides hated the look of it so I ended up sending it back. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you have a fridge enclosure like I do, you will be disappointed with mic’s performance.

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Is true, but you can turn the led off from settings. @docwisdom I still believe it’s the best zwave sensor money can buy…

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Please STOP enticing me. Toys, shop for boys’ toys not my own toys. Thanks a BUNCH @Mbhforum loool


I don’t see the R1 on the list of compatibles. Is it?

Compatibility is discussed in these threads

Did someone get the tp link smart plug to work with smartthings…

Thanks R1’ refurbs on Amazon 59 .00 Prime also

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As @JDRoberts said, it does light up like that but it’s really quick and a still picture exaggerates the issue. Also, with the device type handlers available here on the forum, it’s completely customizable. Mine is hidden next to my fridge and it turns on my Hue light strips underneath my kitchen cabinet at night. It’s a quality made product that has great housing and mounting. It’s the real deal :slight_smile:

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Try under a cabinet upside down.


With speakers hidden above the cabinets


I’m not seeing the Philips Hue White deal for $119, the cheapest from the link is $142, do you have a different link or did that deal expire?

It’s the V2 Hue color that is $119 at BB,HD, Amazon etc.

Hue white ambiance is $99 for Hub, 2 bulbs and a dimmer

I realize a bunch of you guys got these on clearance but none were ever available around me. Great deal on sensors!

Shows $95.99
Add to cart to get $80.49(same as Amazon)
Apply code GMA30 to get 30% off($30 max, today only)

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This is really an outstanding deal for an outstanding speaker. I was looking for another Play:3 and a Play:1. With this deal I went for two Play:1’s and I may even go for another one. These rarely go on sale and $50 off is very good.

I already have 6 Sonos units and they work flawlessly. Have not looked back since I moved from an AirPlay setup.


Yes. It requires a node.js server to act as the interface between the two, so not a simple integration, but it does work. See details in this thread.

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Amazon is now offering the 7" Kindle for $33 new. But it will likely have a (temporarily) unrootable OS.

I’ve never had any problem. as long as I root them BEFORE I ever let them connect to internet. Open box, plug immediately into the computer to charge, as soon as it starts to boot skip the setup or put in airplane mode.

Me neither, but the new ones will have a new OS that has Alexa installed. I fear that it might not be rootable. wasn’t for a while. I’ve been ordering them from AMZ warehouse deals for sub $30. They all have older OSs. I got one that was 5.1.2. It was a breeze to root. Another was 5.3.1. I had to downgrade it first. No big deal… . .

I have one that is still running Fire OS, but I blocked OTA updates for now.

They aren’t bad. The harware is way out of this price range, but it’s still much slower than even a Nexus 7.

I plan on getting one to have as a main controller for the automation system and video monitoring, will I need rooting for that?