eBay 15% off everything

Might be able to pick up some deals. For example this seller has the new multi purpose sensors for $22 with free shipping which makes them $18.70 shipped each and if you are outside TN or AL there is no tax either:


have to wonder why does this sensor keeps changing, is this gen5 now? amazing price if it works correctly.

that picture looks like

Technical Details:
• Power: 1 x CR-2450 battery
• Communication Protocol: Zigbee
• Range: 50-130 feet depending on your home’s construction
• Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F
• Intended for indoor use only

but Amazon similar picture, lists additional inconsistent info saying the battery is CR2 - that is probably for the previous Open/Close-only sensor specs, which works well:

Yeah, was thinking the same thing but his auction lists the MFG part # as GP-U999SJVLAAA which would be the new sensor. So a good deal if someone is looking.

I picked up four of them. Saved ~ $5.00 over Amazon. I’ll report back if they are indeed the new ones.

Received the new sensors a couple of days ago. They are in fact the newest version. Not a huge savings, but every little bit, right?