Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 25-28, 2022)

Although not technically a Black Friday sale, zwave products has some nice sales right now on zwave devices (North American frequency only).

the sale as of this morning included the Aeotec wallmote quad, Remotec 90 eight button scene controller, the Aeotec v3 hub, the hubitat hub, and their own zwave toolbox. Plus some sensors and a few other zwave and Zigbee devices, including the Aeotec/SmartThings button. Discounts vary, most are about 15%. Some higher, some lower.

The Remotec 90 is on sale for $36, a very good price, and there is a community-created edge driver for it.


New Edge Driver for Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master, (8 Buttons Remote Controller)

The Aeotec Zigbee button is 12% off, not as good a sale, but they have it in stock this morning and a lot of other places are out right now:

Misc Notes

Personally, I am putting off most device purchases until Matter is more widely available, but there’s no reason to wait on zwave since those aren’t getting matter-compatibility anyway, at least not for a long time.

  1. I have bought a few things from them in the past, and while their return policy isn’t as good as Amazon’s, they do replace defective products. But returning a non defective product will probably cost a restocking fee. Plus you need to get a return authorization in advance.

So basically only buy stuff you know you’ll use.

  1. You may also find they are in stock on some zwave items others are sold out of: they are a high volume zwave dealer. But if you see something you want, buy it quick: they do sell out of stuff.

(I suspect, but do not know for sure, that they bulk buy at the beginning of a season and then just sell down what they have, unlike some other dealers that buy in smaller quantities to see how sales go and then keep restocking every few weeks.)

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Pre-Black Friday Sale and get 30% off site-wide! Sale ends November 30th.
Use code VIPSALE30

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SwitchBot is offering 25% off almost all of their products. You can purchase from the manufacturer site or from Amazon this year. Most deals are already live.


UK (not all models have the same deals)

The official manufacturer’s site has some additional deals plus one of those very gimmicky loyalty programs where you get bonus points for different kinds of activities. Like for one dollar you can buy a coupon that gives you an extra 10% off so your 25% off discount becomes 35% off. Not all of the loyalty program coupons stack together, though, so read carefully.

I have a number of SwitchBot products in my own home and like them. To get integration with smartthings you have to have the mini hub, but at this point you have to have that for most automations anyway. And the mini hub itself is also a nice IR blaster if you have any use for that. (I use it to turn on an otherwise smart TV)

I know the SwitchBot button pusher, and the IR blaster Do work well with the smartthings integration. The temperature meter works, but for some reason only updates to Smartthings about three times a day, although it’s faster with other integration. The handheld single button remote did not used to work with smartthings but they recently changed it to work with SwitchBot scenes so now I don’t know if there’s any possible integration or not.

I don’t know about any of the other devices, you may have to ask in the forum if there’s one you’re interested in like the lock or the lights. All of the integrations right now are cloud to cloud.

There are some current deals on Kasa.

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Just an FYI, the newer Switchbot temperature sensor updates frequently for me in Smartthings.


Sonos 20% Off: Arc $719, Sub (Gen 3) $599, Beam (Gen 2) $359, One $175, Roam SL

Sonos is offering their Black Friday Sale with 20% Off Sonos Speakers w/ coupon code SONOSLIVE. Shipping is free.

Black Friday deals have started st Samsung:

And for those of us in the little 'ole United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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15% off at Meross. use CODE BLACK22 (November 20-28)

There are also some coupon deals at Amazon:

after looking at the pricing - it is cheaper to buy Meross products at Amazon

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Walmart has a lot of stuff on sales that DOESN’t work with ST, including Feit, WYZE, GE Cync, and Roku smart home. But also some stuff that does. So research carefully.

If you want a retrofit lock that doesn’t work with Matter, but does work with pretty much everything else including smartthings, August has their black model on sale at the lowest price ever, $178 with keypad, $159 without.

I believe you can only use the keypad to control the lock, someone can correct me if I’m wrong. :thinking:

Sharptools has a 50% off sale. Sorry no link.

Here’s the link:


SharpTools Premiium - $18/first year

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Sengled BF deals at Amazon

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