Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 25-28, 2022)

Walmart is the first to announce their BF/CM dates/plans with 3 early events so others should start rolling out soon!

Stay Tuned!


I just updated the Z-wave Shades thread with the following for Black Friday:

  1. 40% off all Z-wave Shades, Coupon: BlackFriday-Zwave (expires Nov 25)
  2. 45% off all Z-wave Shades with extended lead times (8 - 14 weeks, usually 8 - 10 weeks), min order value $2000: BlackFriday-Zwave-E (expires Nov 14th, limited number of orders)

Z-wave Shades: Smart Blinds - Smart Motorized Shades Z-wave Enabled - ZebraBlinds


Z-wave Shades: Smart Shades and Smart Blinds -

*NOTE: Lead times are typically 3 - 5 weeks for most orders however some orders have experienced an additional 2 - 3 week delay. Notices are sent out as we see delays.


Home Depot has an early Black Friday sale, so far just a bunch of miscellaneous products at miscellaneous discount prices, but some big name brands. Research carefully to find out what will work with SmartThings.

For example, Hubspace, Feit, WYZE, and chromecast will NOT work directly with ST, although you might find some kind of limited third party intermediary integration. :thinking:

Hopefully by next year the new Matter standard makes device selection much easier, but we aren’t there yet.

If a person is up for tasmotizing the FEIT dimmers, they will then work directly with ST, using Hongtat’s Tasmota Edge driver.

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Kohl’s Black Friday ad has been posted:

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A few smart home items starting at page 25.

Best Buy has some early black Friday deals.

Should I wait until Black Friday to start purchasing my holiday gifts?
No. Holiday sales are starting on October 24, 2022, at Best Buy this year. Black Friday Ad items are limited-quantity items with no rainchecks. When they are sold out, they may be sold out through Black Friday. To ensure you get our Black Friday price starting on October 24, 2022, look for items marked with our “Black Friday Deal” message. Black Friday Deal applies to select new items only (excludes open-box products).

Also note that, like Amazon and some other major retailers, they are extending their usual return rules, so that many items can be returned up until early January.

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Google Store Black Friday Deals. Pixel phone, Google Hub etc.

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save $150 on Sonos sub until Nov. 20, 2022 at Best Buy

Interestingly, “works with SmartThings” was a Subcategory in previous years, but not this year. Now it’s just a choice between Alexa and Google Nest with everything else in smart home lumped together.

Anyway, Target does have a “smart home“ category that makes the sales easier to browse. They don’t have smart televisions or connected vacuums in that section, though, so you have to look for those separately.

Not necessarily Black Friday deals, but some good deals on some smart home devices at Amazon in the US.

First Alert COMBO Z-wave smoke/CO detector, $30.59.
THIRDREALITY zigbee smart button (white only), $14.99.
Linkind Zigbee leak sensor, 4 pack for $42.49 with additional 10% off coupon.


Anyone know if this button will make the leap to a stock Edge driver?

Black Friday Deals Ring

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