Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 25-28, 2022)

20% off with code: YALEBF20

check Amazon to see what their prices might be there too

If you score a great deal, or just want to show off your new stuff, tell us about it in the following thread (the topic title is a clickable link.)

Ok so I need a couple of these so the deal interests me. But what am I missing??

The 2 Pack is usually $34.99, marked down to $18.89 but the 4 Pack is usually $89.99, marked down to $49.99???

Something doesn’t add up lol

Are they different versions or something?

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there is a newer version out there

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They’ve got the same deal on the Zigbee contact sensor two-pack. Both are very good prices. Note that the Black Friday deal is only on the two packs, not the four packs.

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Cyber Monday Deals:

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Home Depot Cyber Monday Deal of the Day:

Power tools! Lot and lots of power tool bundles. Big bundles, big savings.