Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

It begins! October 27…

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Costco Black Friday deals start Nov. 17th (ad not posted yet):

  • Sonos Subwoofer Gen 3 - $639.99 (after $160 off and Includes 30% off Sonos accessories coupon and $80 Apple OR SiriusXM credit)
  • Sonos Arc soundbar - $719.99 (after $180 off and Includes 30% off Sonos accessories coupon and $60 Apple credit OR SiriusXM credit, and $79 wall mount voucher.)
  • Sonos Beam (Gen 2) soundbar - $399.99 (after $100 off and Includes 30% off Sonos accessories coupon and $40 Apple credit OR 4 month Pandora Premium subscription credit, and $49 wall mount voucher.)
  • Sonos Era 100 Speakers*2pk - $379.99 (after $90 off and Includes 30% off Sonos accessories coupon)

Costco has In-Warehouse & Online Sonos Deals valid for Costco Members only.

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not much to see at Target yet but they do have Black Friday deals posted.


Walmart Event 1 starts November 8th

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I’m not sure how long this deal will be available, so I’m putting it into Black Friday, but it might end sooner.

There’s a $30 off coupon at Amazon for the Govee M1 16.4 WiFi LED strip that supports matter, which brings it dow to $70.

This is a really nice strip: brighter than the competition, and a lot of special effects if you use their app. I don’t know exactly what features you get beyond on and off if you use the matter integration, so if somebody does know, please post.

Most of the reviews are very good, and you’ll see that most of the negative ones are from people who either cut the strip or tried to add extensions. There is a manufacturer video in the product description that shows what you need to do to make this work, so look for that if you want to get a different length than the one out of the box.

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August Private Black Friday Sale
40-50% off site-wide!
Use code: VIPBFCM
Exclusive VIP Sale Ends November 29th

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Target Pre-Black Friday 2023 (starts Nov. 5)

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Best Buy also has some early black Friday deals, many of which are only good through November 5. This includes some smart home stuff like the Tapo matter smart plug. Plus the usual featured security cameras, and video doorbells.

The matter items should work with SmartThings if your setup supports matter. Research anything else if you need smartthings integration.

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

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Amazon Devices - Black Friday deals starting Nov. 17th

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Yes, it’s an older model, but it’s still a good tablet. And this is the best price it’s ever been at. Sold from Amazon itself.

If you need an extra iPad with the basic specs, this is a definite deal.

Price history from camel camel camel:


for all those tik tok users: the wyze cam pan v3 starts at $8.99

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I just purchased a white SmartThings Station with power adapter for $39.99 shipped and sold by Amazon.

White with power adapter is 50% off for $39.99 US.

Black with power adapter is 25% off for $59.99 US.

No Zwave, but at least it’s a wireless charger for my Galaxy smartphone for that price.


Now THAT’s a Black Friday deal! Best price ever, by a lot! :heart_eyes:

Here’s the link:

And for those who don’t have Samsung phones, the following from the verge review:

As a wireless charger, the SmartThings Station’s main claim to fame is “super-fast” wireless charging. Bear in mind that this is still slower than charging with a cable and a fast-charging brick, but it does speed things up a bit. It can charge compatible Samsung phones at 15 watts, about three watts more than standard wireless charging (as long as you use a 25-watt brick). The Samsung Galaxy S22 went from zero to hero in around 2.5 hours.
While it will also charge other brands of smartphones, it does so at slower speeds. Samsung says it can charge Apple devices at 7.5 watts and Qi-compatible phones at a glacial five watts. It juiced up an iPhone 14 in a little over four hours, but a Pixel 6 took forever. It can also charge Samsung buds — but not Galaxy watches.
I did find it really tricky to position the phone on the charger. I eventually figured out the right positioning for the Galaxy 22; you have to put the bottom camera lens in the top-right corner of the Station. The iPhone preferred a jaunty angle. But all of them required specific placement, and it definitely made me miss the comforting clunk of an iPhone with a MagSafe charger.


Thanks for that. I figured I’ll give it a go at that price and see how it works with my iPhone.

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