Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

i have it. work well with the handler found in this forum. Looks like Lowe’s has it cheaper.

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Browser based so you technically can use any device.


Great valve but a lot cheaper at Lowes $169 after $40 coupon for the 1" and $139 after $20 coupon on the 3/4"

Thanks! I just canceled my order and will look into Lowes. What’s the coupon code to get $20 off on the 3/4"?

If you have a 1/4 turn shutoff valve already you could also go with a Dome shutoff, usually $100 but Elves supply has it for $78 (not sure on shipping costs) or Amazon has it currently for $90. It’s z-wave and mine works pretty good. Just waiting on SmartThings to make it run locally using the generic “Z-Wave Water Valve” (only the fortrezz one does currently).

I had a 1/4" shutoff and really didn’t feel like piping in a new valve. Plus was worried if it ever died I’d have to re-pipe a new one.

Sent you a cpl.

Thanks! I was aware of the Dome valve controller and actually purchased one from Walmart a while back for $78. I did it on a whim when I saw the great price before I had located my home water shutoff valve. Turns out my valve isn’t the type that will work with Dome. I returned it and my research led me to the LeakSmart valve. I’m going to get my hot water heater replaced soon and that is where my water main comes into my house/garage. I talked with the plumber and he said he could just install the LeakSmart valve at the same time as water heater for a decent price.

I’ve had the Leaksmart on mains power for well over a year with several successful false alarms. The only failure was right after the latest ST update where ST claims that it closed the valve and actually hadn’t. Subsequent battery changes in leak detectors and tests have successfully closed the valve.

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Time for HAA!! I kinda, sorta, possibly, most likely spent more than I should have. OK, I DID over spend!!! :wink:

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That’s the general idea, but it’s not just a dashboard builder… ActionTiles also offers secure sharing of dashboards, multiple-Hub (even multiple Account) consolidation, and a few other functions… and growing. There are other dashboard / remote control portal Apps out there, with varying levels of complexity.

Browser based, so popular to run on anything from old phones, cheap tablets (Amazon Fire…), fancy iPads, raspberry Pi, Windows 10 (including Edge Mobile), desktops, …

Generally it is easiest just to give it a try (14 days free, extendable upon request)

And/Or you can flip through our YouTube fan Playlist.

:arrow_right: Our Community Topic (to avoid a tangent here…) is: [RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

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This may have been posted already. Not going to drain this thread to save you some money.

$19.99 7" 16GB Fire Tablets for you action tiles users and people who want to use action tiles… At woot, it’s a woot-off so buy quick. It has gone from 93% down to 88% in 60 seconds… now 83%…

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Since you are having work done already I’d suggest throwing in a 1/4 turn shutoff before the LeakSmart, just in case it dies in the future you can a) replace it easier since you can shut it off right there or b) have the option of going with something like the Dome that would just clip on and you wouldn’t have any more work to do. Those valves are like $5 and I’m sure wouldn’t be any more labor with what you are already having done.


Thanks! Picked up 3. Awesome price and they will end up being Scene controllers…


Now 4 pack is on sale for 27.75.

Sengled Element Classic A19 Smart Bulbs, 4 pack

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Didn’t see this posted yet, my apologies if I missed it.

This is the lowest price I’ve seen on the Lutron Caseta starter kit with the SmartBridge and one dimmer switch. $20 off the usual price.

Here’s the camel Camel Camel price history

This model will work with both HomeKit and SmartThings.

I’m tired today, so if you have questions about the differences between this model and the pro model, maybe somebody else can answer those. But this model will be good enough for most people for the official SmartThings integration.


Dome water shutoff valve for 40% off using coupon code cybermonday40 making it $60:

Apparently the code works on all their products right now so:

Dome Water Valve - $99 - 40% = $60
Leak Sensor - $50 - 40% = $30
Leak Prevention Kit (3 leak sensors + water valve) - $220 - 40% = $132
Door/Window sensor - $25 - 40% = $15

All are listed on their site as compatible with SmartThings, Wink, HomeSeer, and Iris. Not sure how long the code is good for.

EDIT: Saw this posted as its own topic so sorry for the repost. I’ll leave it hear in case anyone is looking but doesn’t see the other one.


Google Home Mini for $9 after rebate (on sale for $29, $20 Instant rebate.


Out of stock

I got one from Williams-Sonoma, but the “instant” part of the rebate is not happening. I was charged $31, and have received no email or other indication of a rebate. i’ve sent an email to W-S customer support asking when/how I get the rebate.

The only thing instant about it seems to be applying for the rebate. It looks like it’s still a “process and mail you a check later” operation.

Williams Sonoma is a big reputable company, so I assume the rebate will happen, but it’s not going to happen quickly.

There was a link on the product page for Google home which takes you to the form that you fill in online to request the rebate After your order is complete. You will need the order number.

The problem is that now that the item is out of stock, you can’t get back to the page that has the link to the rebate application! :disappointed_relieved:

So you will need to go directly to the link in the original post above about this deal. Then just fill in the rebate application, including the order number from your online order. Then wait. :wink: Presumably you will eventually get a check in the mail.

I haven’t confirmed this with the Williams-Sonoma customer service group, but it looks like that’s how it should work.

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