Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

Mine arrived late last night. After playing with them this morning I wish I’d grabbed more than 2. I just went and that are back up to $50. :frowning:

Yeah, I filled out the form w/my order number last night right after placing the order, so I did get the info into them on that form. I agree that this is likely to turn out OK since it’s W-S, but just wanted to ensure they knew that I was watching them. :wink:

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Now you just made me wish I got 4 also lol


I called today. The rebate is provided by Google, but must be approved first. When I asked for a timeline, rep said they think it’s about 48 hours and the $20 should go back to the card you used to make the purchases. The rep was not knowledgeable about the process and had to ask a supervisor, so this information could be inaccurate.


The GE outdoor zwave plus pocket socket, model 14284, is on sale through November 30 at Lowe’s for the lowest price I’ve ever seen it, $31.99, And Amazon has matched the price even though they are not going to have stock in until December 2. I don’t know how long the Amazon price will last once the lowe’s price ends.

This is a single controllable outlet. It is rated for outdoor use, but it is supposed to hang down so that water doesn’t get inside the outlet.


I’ve had one of these hooked up outside with a string of lights connected to it since last Xmas. They turn on Fri, Sat, Sun in the evenings and have been rock solid. Never acted up in any way and quick to respond. Highly recommend this.

EDIT: Thought I hit reply to JD but must not have. I am referring to the GE outdoor outlet. Although I should have looked closer firstas I have the non Z-wave plus version and thought this was that, Either way, the non plus version has been fantastic.

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I tried a couple of these for Christmas lights, but I can’t make them work with GFI outdoor outlets. They work perfectly with regular outlets inside the house but on GFI’s they will not turn on. If I try to turn them on in ST app, they app button will only blink but nothing happens with the outlet.

It’s more likely to be an issue with getting signal outside through your exterior walls. Try using one of the plugs inside in a GFI outlet (you should have some in your kitchen or bathroom). If that works, it’s almost certainly because you’re having trouble getting signal to the outside. But that’s getting pretty far off topic for the deals thread, so let’s take any follow-up conversation to the following thread (this is a clickable link):

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I ordered one of the new iHome WiFi outdoor plugs the other day for $27 when they were on sale. By Friday, I should find out if they will connect to ST through the iHome Control (connect). :wink:

It is either a signal or a wiring issue. They do need to be close to the hub for initial inclusion though. When ST has one of its semi-regular ZW meltdowns, I have to bring them in the house and plug them in next to hub to get them reconnected. I have 3 of them outside in GFCI outlets and they work fine though.
I will second and third @JDRoberts comment on the fact they must be hanging down. I had one that gotten pulled so it was at about a 45* angle up during a rainstorm and by the sounds of it, the plastic housing completely filled with water. This of course completely fried the innards, on the earlier topic, it did trip the GFCI it was plugged into.

I have a Leviton DZPA1-2BW outside in an enclosed box with a GFI. I have a repeater inside the room. It all seems to work fine, but what I DO notice is that every couple of weeks, the GFI pops and I have to reset it. It’s in my vacation home, so I’m not there often enough to see the behavior first hand.

The device is powering an LED light strip, but it is only on when I am at the house, so technically there is no draw accept from the Leviton itself. Not sure why it would be popping.

If you’re lucky enough to have a WalMart nearby who still has stock, these are going for $21 on an in-store clearance.

The one @JDRoberts listed is the z-wave plus model. The ones you noted that Walmart is clearing out are the old z-wave models.

This is true, however I was simply refereeing to the historical pricing on any of the GE outdoor models.

Must be a regional Lowe’s sale, still showing s $42 for me, and my price checker isn’t working today. Amazon it is I guess. Now do I really need any more of these ?

No! Walk away.

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I need a HAA meeting bad


Buy, Buy, Buy!,

But… $21! Is there any reason not to go with the non-“plus” Z-Wave model if it’s just for seasonal use?

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