Bixby ST issues resolved

Not sure who develops which part of the Bixby smartthings integration, but since my Samsung Galaxy s10 got updated to Android 11 one UI 3.0 each time Smartthings > control devices is selected as a then automation, Bixby crashes back to the previous screen, selecting Smartthings > scenes works fine

Not a game changer for me as the if options are too restrictive to be useful

Seems I typed the above almost a year ago, the latest Samsung update
OneUI version 4
Android version 12
has finaly fixed the issue and now Bixby has a small amount of usefullness

Smartthings devices and routines can now be selected as an IF command in a Bixby routine, not a game changer perhaps, I don’t use Bixby at all BUT it does have the ability to select a phone app AND the apps keyword notification which can then be acted on with an ST device

For instance
I have an isp app that notifies me IF they disconnect my Internet
In Bixby I select the app, type in the keywords from the phone notification associated with going off line
Then select Smartthings and a device as the ‘then’ part of the automation

Allows a bit more flexibility from the otherwise sandbox state of the ST app

I will be perfectly honest, if I could get notifications show on the TV then that would be useful but JD pointed out in the past there is some Law somewhere stating its not allowed, even though smoke detected shows up on the TV and calender notifications show up on the Tv