Better Trane XL624 Integration

Hey guys! I was having trouble using the sliders on the SmartThings app so I set up TWACK’s Better Thermostat but it had conflicting readings. So I tried jwaymire’s integration and it was bugged and never set itself up. So I threw together this device type. Most of this isn’t my work, I kind of merged TWACK’s code with working code by jwaymire.

I have been testing this on my Trane XL624 and there are no conflicting readings. Everything works fine, even humidity readings.


Hi @nickd,

Here’s another version that’s based off of similar code, but uses the new tile format. This should work with your XL624, but let me know if it doesn’t.

Hey, i like your DT, but I am getting some graphical bugs. This is what I mean.

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Hi @nickd,

Yeah…welcome to Andoid and iOS text rendering bugs in ST. It happens to a lot of DH’s, not just this one. The bug has been reported as far back as v2.0 of the mobile app. Go back one screen and then back to the device and it shows up like it’s suppose to.

The temp controls and mode selection tiles were designed to accommodate a few requests from the Community (and my wife), so that’s why some may be repetitive.

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Also, so you know how the temp adjust tiles and arrows work, and the slider, here’s a quick run down:

In Auto mode, using the main tile up/down arrows (and slider) will adjust both heat/cool setpoints if the unit is idle, otherwise it adjusts the appropriate mode that is running at the time. The individual arrows below the main tile can be used in any mode, as well as to switch modes instead of scrolling down to select the mode.

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Does anyone know how to add the schedule mode for the xl624? We are currently still using the 7 day scheduler built into the xl624 but on really cold or hot days my wife likes to make temporary over rides and we use st and Alexa for that but I would like a way to get it back on program with st. To do it manually in the control you hit the schedule button 3 times and it will cycle from run to hold to esm then back to run. Then it will resume the programmed schedule.

I did a quick search on that model looking for what command classes it supports, or any other documentation for that matter which could help, and the only thing I found was that it supports all the regular commands for a thermostat, but nothing describing an ability to cycle through what you describe.

If there’s some sort of technical spec for zwave developers for that thermo, then that might help us learn more.

Correct, the XL624 does not have any way to change schedule settings via Z-Wave