Urgent help regarding thermostat

Hey Ron, I recently installed a CT100 after my heating system blew out my old thermostat. It pairs easily with ST. I suggest using the Better Thermostat with battery and time device type as the standard z-wave thermostat device type has sliders which are a pain to use. Also, keep in mind that while you can set and adjust temp from the CT100 itself you can not program schedules without ST (or other controler). Hope they fixed your heat causes it cold out there and we New Jersians are getting hit with more snow.

Agreed. Weil McLain makes boilers (for hydronic heat). That’s probably what you have. Not electric. I think you will be set with the CT100s. The Z-Wave-ness of the CT100 is completely independent of the thermostat-ness. The HVAC guys should have no problem getting the stats wired for heat. Pairing with ST, as @ErnieG says, is easy.

Thanks guys, i am ordering the ct100s today… Jersey has been brutal this year. Luckily the heat works but the baseboard was making horrible noises of all kind. They are trying to fix that. So got a chance to replace the thermostats. Thanks again!

@AaronZON @jody.albritton this may come as a very dumb question to you guys? My CT100s (2 of them) waiting install in a day or two to replace 2 white and Rodgers. To include them in ST, did you do it after the installation tagging the hub to different floors with one long ethernet cable or the range is good enough? Please help me with the basics.

Just put batteries in them and pair them before the HVAC guys get there.

Thanks a lot. @AaronZON

Still waiting on the HVAC guys! Wonder how busy they are with these NorthEasters! If they are no show by this weekend, I am so going to do it myself and I don’t care if I get electrocuted in the process… :wink:

And the wad of notes they carry in their wallets! Darn, we are the poor guys in IT.

Finally… Two CT100’s installed without common!! Loving it after the museum quality vintage White Rodgers! Paired in seconds. HVAC guys in awe seeing me control it thru the ST mobile app. They came to fix baseboard noise and charged me nothing for installing these as they claimed it was too easy.:wink: humanity is not all dead. Left them a decent tip. Now how to get rid of the sliders! :wink: there is always something…

Wish could get the AC thermostat replaced with an Ecobee but cannot coz of the sub zero temp here. :frowning:

Glad you like your CT100s, @smart. I think I’ve seen alternate z-wave device types here in the community that replace the slider with up/down buttons. Probably worth a try. I have not, myself. If you automate your set-.point changes there’s really no need to worry about the quality of the device type UI. Nothing wrong with the ecobee but just be aware that a CT100 can do your AC-only system as well.

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Have 2 months to think about that! :wink: the original owners didn’t follow the color instructions on the wire for heating… Fortunately the Hvac guys did it and not me.

Thanks everybiody! They are performing quite well in itself. Can somebody help me/point or post a modified device type that you guys are using for this which has the battery, relative humidity readings and doesn’t have the horrid slider? I think I can modify the decent one you suggest and get read if the cooling part as I am using both the CT100’s for heat only.

Can’t thank you enough @AaronZON @jody.albritton and all of you…

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No suggestion for an app for poor old Ron about a decent thermostat app for CT100? Guys? :frowning:

Take a look at this:

Better (different) Thermostat Device

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@AaronZON is the lowes iris model CT101 the same as CT100 and any clue if it works the same way with ST? I have to admit that that they look better than the CT100’s.

@smart, not sure myself. It doesn’t appear to be the same (display looks slightly different). Just clicking around here there seems to be evidence that it works with ST and that it’s made by the same company as the CT100. Again, just from clicking around a bit, it looks like Iris is z-wave which means it should work fine. I didn’t find it on the Z-wave alliance certified products list . . not sure how significant that is.

Buy one. Put batteries in it. See if you can get it to pair and work. If it doesn’t, take it back.

@jody.albritton so i ordered the ecobee 3 for the AC thermostat and expecting it on Thursday evening (luckily had some Amazon gift cards)… Let’s see if the HVAC guys can do the C wire PEK thing or I am lucky enough to have an extra wire which can be repurposed as a C. Thanks again…

Has this happened to anybody where emergency heat kicked in for some weird reason on the CT100 and in the Z-Wave thermostat on my app, my set point is set to 65. I can see that the heat has gone up to 74. I set the mode to off from the app but looks like its not helping.

Will check whats going on when I get home. This is weird. It has been working perfectly fine till I left work this morning and something in the log shows “Family Room Thermostat thermostat mode is emergency heat” at 10:10 AM.

Ron did you end up trying out the 101 vs 100? I’m about to go to Lowes and get one and just want to know if I call it a 100 and it works just the same if you have experience let me know. I’ll search a little more too.

No experience with CT101 which I assume is the Lowes branded CT100. No issues with CT100 this second year winter and using the stock ST device type.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a try.