Better Alerting

Hello everyone,
I am very new to SmartThings. Just bought and installed the hub, 2 motion and and 3 door sensors on Saturday. I have a couple of questions (newbie questions i guess) and was looking for home help.

  1. The app will just send a notification when an intrusion is detected. How do folks here usually convert them to a loud continuous alarm like a regular home system which will play a sound continuously till it is manually acknowledged?
  2. How do i stop the multipurose sensor from reporting temperature. It is useless for me now?
  3. The main door sensor shows battery at 88% This is less than 48 hours from installation. I dont think this is normal. I had pulled the tab myself while installing it. Is something wrong with it?
  4. The same multipurpose sensor (installed on a main door) false alerted me twice within 48 hours of installation. The others did not. Is the module defective? Haven’t had a false trigger yet. How is this usually handed?

Thanks again for taking the time to reading my post.

#4 is a good reason not to do #1 just yet. False alerts with a siren can be really… really annoying.

#2, short answer you don’t. Correct answer you edit the devicetype and remove temp reporting
#3 Prob not, this is fairly normal. if its continuously dropping 10%/day that would be an issue.

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