[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Well, after much struggling and giving up, I gave a glance at the Device list… LOL Oh look! A “thing”! SmartThings thinks it’s a TV! :slight_smile:

So I need a bit more step by step. I DO know how to install device handlers and all that. I do three device handlers, the three listed up top, correct? Then I just edit the “thing” and make it a KOF Fan, and the others will fall into place?

Answer: There’s TWO, and yes.

I went to click on “fan” and “We need to download an add-on to help you get the most from your thing”


It appears adding SIXTEEN ZIGBEE REPEATERS worked.

THanks for your help!


Anyone still using this KingOfFan DH? Now that its getting hot I tried to turn on the fan. When I go into the SamrtThings app and click on the fan it says downloading followed with a error that its unable to connect to the device. Checked the Github but dont see any update. Anyone else having issues?

I tried installing for the first time a week ago. Am new to ST and novice at installing handlers, etc. was able to add device, but could control light or fan. I need to visit IDE and tinker. Haven’t taken time to do that yet though.

I assume you meant you could not control the light or fan?

This morning I noticed nothing working in the Smartthings app. They all pretty much do the same thing. Downloading… then connection error. Some prompted that an update was needed but failed. Doesn’t matter if its stock DH or a custom DH. I can still control everything through my smart speakers/Google Home

The original @dalec handler is not compatible with the new app (and the creator is no longer using ST or supporting the handler). If you haven’t already, you should switch to @Rafael_Borja 's handler linked here:

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Thanks Mark but I’m already running the Rafael handler. As I mentioned in my last post none of my devices in Smartthings are working. My device is a Pixel 2 XL. To eliminate the phone as the problem I installed ST on my work phone with is an iPhone 8 running the latest IOS. Same behavior. Selecting a device in the ST app just says downloading

That is correct, I couldn’t control either.

The latest code update from Rafeal’s handler did not work for me. I posted about this back in January and rolled back to an older version that works fine. Link to the version I have that’s working is here Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller - #1033 by mwav3

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I had the same problem. Delete your old fan devices, all the child devices, and the old device handler. Then re-add the fans with the new device handler installed.

Has anyone figured out if there is a LED light replacement for the Hampton Bay Gardinier that will allow us to change the light frequency? The light I got included is a harsh white light and not attractive. Is there a way to replace with a smart bulb or something?