[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Yeah not sure why sometimes it finds it right away and sometimes doesn’t and then you have to manually assign it.

Hey guys, thanks for the help. I can’t get my fan into pairing mode for some reason. Still trying though. Also, I have three of these…anything special besides adding each one?

turn the light switch (or breaker if wired direct without switch) off 5 seconds, on 5 seconds , 5 times in a row, the light should flash 3 times and try discovery again.

Ah! Success finally! Got it into pairing mode, got it added as a thing and changed the Fan Controller and then the light was auto changed to a child device.

But this is all I see in my smart things app for the fan.

So, you didchange the device handler in IDE?

I did. I think patience is all I needed because this morning it shows in the app now.


Glad you got it working

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So, two new questions:

  1. The fan doesn’t always respond to the app or my google home. The fan is one room away from the smartthings hub and the little antennae is sticking out the side of the hub. It is a cathedral ceiling. Would it help to put another zigbee device between them?

  2. I have two more of these fans, same procedure? They won’t interfere with each other?

Thank you!

Unfortunately the range on these fan controllers is awful. The hub must be in the same room, or you need a powered zigbee device (other then a bulb) in the same room to act as a repeater. Many have purchased zigbee outlets solely to put in a room with these fans to act as a repeater. They have noted success with multiple fans and myltiple repeaters doing it. Zigbee is a mesh network so they won’t interfere with eachother- more devices the better the mesh usually. It’s not the interference but the week signal and range that’s the issue.

These fan controllers, obviously by their name, were initially designed to work with the Wink hub, and when i used it with Wink it worked fine (when their cloud wasn’t out all the time). Obviously Wink fell apart, but the one positive thing was the wink hub had a very strong radio in it, that must have been stronger then the Smartthings hub.

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I have mine mounted in my bedroom with a zigbee reoeater plug within 8 feet and it has never dropped offline. I have the upgraded wifi Bond version in 2 other rooms which are also very reliable.

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