[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Unfortunately the range on these fan controllers is awful. The hub must be in the same room, or you need a powered zigbee device (other then a bulb) in the same room to act as a repeater. Many have purchased zigbee outlets solely to put in a room with these fans to act as a repeater. They have noted success with multiple fans and myltiple repeaters doing it. Zigbee is a mesh network so they won’t interfere with eachother- more devices the better the mesh usually. It’s not the interference but the week signal and range that’s the issue.

These fan controllers, obviously by their name, were initially designed to work with the Wink hub, and when i used it with Wink it worked fine (when their cloud wasn’t out all the time). Obviously Wink fell apart, but the one positive thing was the wink hub had a very strong radio in it, that must have been stronger then the Smartthings hub.

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I have mine mounted in my bedroom with a zigbee reoeater plug within 8 feet and it has never dropped offline. I have the upgraded wifi Bond version in 2 other rooms which are also very reliable.

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Ok, I’m trying this again after giving up for a while.
I just bought EIGHT Zigbee plugs, Centralite 4257050-rzhac. They all work.
I have the ceiling fan/light combos in two rooms next to each other. The V2 hub is in the room above one of the rooms. After the initial connection and moving to these device controllers, they’ve never worked with SmartThings even though they show connected.
I put the zigbee plugs as follows: Two each in the rooms with the fans. One near the hub. Two in the room next to the hub above the other fan. One in a room next to the further room with the fan. And one more in another room. Plus I have other zigbee stuff around.

I just re-copied/pasted both device handlers. I changed the fans to a different type, and then changed them back. I’ve unplugged the hub for 20 minutes, and plugged it back in.

Neither fan nor light will work, although in the app I can turn them off and on.

Will someone please, PLEASE give me a step-by-step I can try, one more time, to get these to work? Please?

First try deleting the cache of the app and force closing, then reopen the app and try again. You mightalso try deleting and repairing the fans

First try deleting the cache of the app and force closing, then reopen the app and try again.

I didn’t even realize you could delete the cache of the app! How? And how do you force close??

You mightalso try deleting and repairing the fans

So - you mean delete in the app? If they’re deleted, how do I repair?

Lol sorry, this is why I ask for step by step - I’m not a raw beginner, but there’s a LOT I don’t know.


For a complete do-over, I would do the following:

1- Delete the device in the app (if it shows up), including any related child light/device created

2- Delete all DTH’s and related handlers for this fan/light - Any of them if you installed mutiple versions

3- Clear the Smarthing app’s cache/data:
Iphone - https://www.wikihow.com/Delete-Application-Data-in-iOS
Android - https://www.cashify.in/how-to-clear-app-data-and-cache-on-android

4- Go into the smartthings app, click the + to add a device, click “device”. Click “scan nearby”. Quickly move to the next step while it is searching

5- Factory reset the ceiling fan controller to re-pair it - turn off your fan for 3 seconds, then turn it back on for 3 seconds. Repeat these steps 5 times. The light will blink 3 times when factory reset is successful. It should then connect

6- It should install as some sort of generic device. Obtain the latest DTH’s from this link and install both the fan and child device- https://github.com/rafaelborja/SmartthingsKingOfFansZigbee/tree/master/devicetypes/rafaelborja If unsure follow this guide - FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

7- Assign the custom handler to the fan in the IDE

Hopefully that should get you running again.


Whew, nice and comprehensive! Thanks for that.

For Step 5 - you mean remove and re-apply power 5 times in a row, right! I’ll need to use the circuit breaker for that one!

Thanks again! I’ll report back when I’m able to do it.

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Yes power to the device needs to be cut 5 times- if you bypassed the wall switch you’ll need to use the breaker. I would have someone else in the room to confirm the 3 flashes. This step is fussy and sometimes you need to do it a couple times to reset. Hopefully this gets you up and running.


Doing this now! Woohoo!

Two questions before I begin:

  1. I’m doing two of these. Bedroom and Office. Do I add the office fan, then the bedroom fan, then continue to step 6? Or can I go through steps 4,5,6,7 with the bedroom fan, then do 4,5,6,7 with the office fan? Or does it matter?

  2. There are two smartphones (both android) I’m working with: Mine and my spouses. Can I do everything with just my phone now, and then worry about step 3 with his later?

I would try it with one fan first and see if you can get it working. Once working, it shouldn’t be an issue to add other fans even if the device handler is already installed. Actually, that’s really the preferred way to add anything to Smarthings (add handler then device), until you have troubleshooting issues like the ones you have. You won’t be able to remove the handler after a device is assigned to it and working. However, once one fan is installed and working, you will already have a working driver in your system, and will therefore skip step 6, adding the DTH, for any additional fans. You may or may not need to do step 7 for the additional fans - sometimes the new fan finds the custom code automatically, sometimes you will have to go in and assign it manually. Its hit an miss with the “fingerprint” on this device.

However, in the unlikely event the additional fan fails, you might need to delete everything and start over. If that happens, I would add/“include” all fans first (just get them connected to the hub) before moving onto step 6 and getting adding the custom DTH. Sometimes, it doesn’t work right because of some hiccup in the system when it automatically assigns, and then you have to switch it to some generic zigbee device, then switch it back to the custom device to force a refresh.

Yes do everything on your phone for now. If you get it all working you may see them all fine in the wife’s phone. If they show up fine in yours, but not hers, then do the cache clear on her phone.

Good luck with everything.

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Thanks! Right now doing the frustrating thing of detecting. 4 times so far. The light blinks a few times, then blinks again a few times, then stays off.

Are these LONG 3 seconds on, or a quick 3 seconds! LOL LIke: 1…2…3… Or One One Thousand, TWO one thousand, THREE one thousand.

Long three seconds, like one one thousand

You’ll know the factory reset worked if the light blinks 3 times. Then, when it pairs, the low fan will come on, and the light will blink 5 times.

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Well, after much struggling and giving up, I gave a glance at the Device list… LOL Oh look! A “thing”! SmartThings thinks it’s a TV! :slight_smile:

So I need a bit more step by step. I DO know how to install device handlers and all that. I do three device handlers, the three listed up top, correct? Then I just edit the “thing” and make it a KOF Fan, and the others will fall into place?

Answer: There’s TWO, and yes.

I went to click on “fan” and “We need to download an add-on to help you get the most from your thing”


It appears adding SIXTEEN ZIGBEE REPEATERS worked.

THanks for your help!


Anyone still using this KingOfFan DH? Now that its getting hot I tried to turn on the fan. When I go into the SamrtThings app and click on the fan it says downloading followed with a error that its unable to connect to the device. Checked the Github but dont see any update. Anyone else having issues?

I tried installing for the first time a week ago. Am new to ST and novice at installing handlers, etc. was able to add device, but could control light or fan. I need to visit IDE and tinker. Haven’t taken time to do that yet though.

I assume you meant you could not control the light or fan?

This morning I noticed nothing working in the Smartthings app. They all pretty much do the same thing. Downloading… then connection error. Some prompted that an update was needed but failed. Doesn’t matter if its stock DH or a custom DH. I can still control everything through my smart speakers/Google Home

The original @dalec handler is not compatible with the new app (and the creator is no longer using ST or supporting the handler). If you haven’t already, you should switch to @Rafael_Borja 's handler linked here:

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Thanks Mark but I’m already running the Rafael handler. As I mentioned in my last post none of my devices in Smartthings are working. My device is a Pixel 2 XL. To eliminate the phone as the problem I installed ST on my work phone with is an iPhone 8 running the latest IOS. Same behavior. Selecting a device in the ST app just says downloading

That is correct, I couldn’t control either.