[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Since it’s been so cold lately, I’ve only recently realized that I just have FAN and FAN LIGHT. Not sure where my other settings went. Do I need to recreate all the child devices? My DTH is up to date.

Out of the blue all 3 of my fan controllers started calling themselves I believe a Buscop SmartPower Outlet… Don’t quote me… And now keeps coming back as a THING so Im trying the latest release hope it fixes it.
as I sure am tired of it jumping every time Samsung Does an update. Getting annoying.

Go back into the IDE and set the device type back to the custom DTH

So ive been running this setup for a couple years now. Hows everyone dealing with the ZigBee distance to hub issue?
What I mean by that is, I have to keep my ST hub in my bedroom, where the fan is located for it to stay connected and responsive. Where I would like to keep my hub is 2 rooms down approx. 25 feet away. Mind you my house uses steel studs. Any low cost steps to take or do I need to fill every socket with a ZigBee switch/outlet?

I have an almond peanut plug I bought from Amazon in our bedroom. That was the only repeater I had when I set the fan controller up and it works fine. I’m about the same distance going through a couple walls. I don’t think you need to put repeaters in every outlet. Just one near the fan controller.

Check out this full install video! This video will walk you through every step with an Alexa bonus at the end.

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Please forgive me- I’m not the best at dealing with the ST api on the web.

I went ahead and created all three device handlers in the api.

I have searched for this, and it’s possible that I missed it.

How the hell do I install three different device handlers on the same device???

I updated the device handlers on my device, using all three. And for some reason, I get two (not three) different devices showing in “my devices”. I can’t manage to get all three installed that ultimately show three different devices.

Also, is one of these a SmartApp? That could explain what’s going on. I looked for the word “SmartApp” in the title, and didn’t see it listed in any of the three device handlers posted.

Am I missing a SmartApp for this to work properly?

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m stumped.

You should only have 2 devices even though you Installed 3 drivers. See screenshots below. This is a device driver, not a smartapp. You can control the fan using automation rules or directly from the 2 devices (one is the light only and the other is the fan controller and light)

Does anyone know if the controller would be compatible with the Nvidia shield ST Link?

I have the v2 hub but took the opportunity to upgrade my streaming device with hopes of using the ST link instead of the v2 hub in my bedroom where the fan is but when i pair it (device handler already published) it pairs as “Thing”…

IDE shows the device handler is KOF handler but i cant control it via ST…and yes im using the classic app

Can you please show screenshots of what you are seeing?

not my image but quicker than uploading… i get the same exact thing…The Nvidia ST link is the same distance away from the controller as the v2 Hub

maybe i should reinstall the DH. I just paired the fan back to the original v2 hub, and im getting the same error

Have you selected the correct DTH in the IDE on the “thing”?

Did you try and just change the DTH from thing to the KOF Fan DTH? That’s what I would do first. You could then just use the option to rebuild the children and I think that may work. It should have picked it up but something must be amiss with the fingerprint. Just guessing here.

i republished the DH’s. I had to manually select the DH from the drop as i did before but this time it worked

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These KOF controllers can be a bit finicky at times.

Very strange…

FWIW, I had mine go unavailable on me not long ago, with every single other Zigbee device on my network. Readding and resetting the device type while time consuming, was easy as pie… Not sure why the DTH needed to be republished for you. Sounds like a hiccup in the IDE…

Oh, FWIW, unless my wife has other plans for my time, this weekend will be controller #2 installed. I am adding a light kit, swap out the existing in wall fan only control switch (dumb control) for a standard Decora on / off wall switch, and then install the light kit, test this, and THEN install the controller…

After that I have 1 more in my inventory to install… That one is going into the back bedroom.

I have 2 more I need to get and install, but I need to replace the fans themselves too…

I am having the EXACT same issue. I had this working before, no problems for almost 2 years; went to add another fan, and couldn’t pair it, and actually removed my existing one. Now I get the 5 blinky lights when pairing with classic app, but nothing appears. Tried everything.
Did you ever get this resolved?

I stumbled upon the following post and ended up modifying the device handler and adding

device.endpointId = 1

just before every Zigbee method called within the code. That fixed it for me.

Would you mind sharing the code, or where exactly those calls are being made? I am not a developer, but have been reading through the SmartThings developer documentation to figure out what a Zigbee method call looks like, and the closet thing I can find in the documentation is:
def event = zigbee.getEvent(description)
def descMap = zigbee.parseDescriptionAsMap(description)

There is a low probability that the code above references the method you are referring to, so any examples would be very helpful. Thank You!