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[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller


(AaronW) #347

Stephan thank you for the response! Just looking for refinements of the DTH accordingly. There seems to be lag between response and updates of the status of the fan. Could be the controller and its limitations but just wanted to see if continued development was occurring. If you have modifications that would benefit the community I would be more than happy to continue my beta testing… :wink:

(Stephan H.) #348

I believe most of the lag you see is caused by limitations of the app and not the controller. I can’t say for sure anymore since I rarely use the ST app to control my fans (I control via Alexa). When we were testing initially the app status updates sometimes did not show until you backed out one level and reopened the device page. This unfortunately occurs with many of my devices in ST. Sometimes they update immediately and sometimes they don’t. Is this what you are referring to?

(Dusty) #349

MR101Z mounted in back of 2 gang recessed box with usb outlet providing power to 10" LG tablet. Fully browser, Actiontiles, and Dakboard provide simple and WAF interface for now. Have had zero issues with the MR101Z. Also using Alexa to control fan/light with no issues. Not sure if I will replicate this setup with my 2nd MR101Z.

(AaronW) #350

Yeah that is what I am seeing. I would love to see the naming of the childs be different as Alexa is quite confused with Master Bedroom-Fan-Light verses Master Bedroom Fan Light. The dashes mess her up quite bad.

(Stephan H.) #351

My version actually uses Lamp at the end to avoid Alexa confusion. Dale had Google Home and didn’t like the Lamp option.

Are seeing actual “-” in your names?

(Stephan H.) #352

I looked at the code in github. It should not give a label with “-”'s. Are you using the latest version of the DTH.
If so, you might have initially created your child devices with an older version that had dashes.

You can always update the labels to whatever you want…the defaults with the latest code should not have dashes (except with the Med-Hi fan speed).

(AaronW) #353

Here is a screenshot of my devices that were created by the DTH. I have latest code.

(Stephan H.) #354

But it looks like you may have initially installed this fan with older code. That would explain why you have the dash. You can edit the device label in IDE. Any new fan controllers (or if you reinstall the existing fan) should not have the dash.

(Stephan H.) #355

Also @prayerfuldrop keep this in mind:

(AaronW) #356


So changing the name does not affect the operation of the child/parent nodes correct? If that is the case I will rename them immediately. :slight_smile:

(Stephan H.) #357

Nope…it shouldn’t. If memory serves, it won’t update itself in Alexa either. You would have to remove and rediscover or simply rename in Alexa as well.

(Paul Wagaman) #358

First, let me preface the rest of this post by saying that I am a complete newbie any of this coding/customization so please bare with me. Second, thank you to all of you who have put in what I believe to be a tremendous amount of time and effort.

I am posting because I have taken on the task of setting up one of these fans for myself and have hit an impasse. After reading through a lot of information, setting up GitHub, publishing the device handlers, and pairing the fan controller with SmartThings I can’t seem to finish the job.

I believe that I have the device handlers published correctly, and I didn’t modify anything with the code.

splitting post due to new user restrictions

(Paul Wagaman) #359

I can see my device in the IDE.

If I understand what remains to be completed, I need only to edit the device itself to associate the device with the device handler by selecting the type from the drop down menu. This is where my problem arises. I can’t find anything on the list that would match up. No KOF, Hampton Bay, Zigbee fan or anything that would seem to be remotely correct. Am I missing a step or did something not load correctly in my device handlers? I can’t seem to figure it out and I don’t have the skill set to troubleshoot. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

(MarkTr) #360

Did you scroll all the way down? Custom DTHs show up at the bottom of the list - not in alpha order. It took me a lot of banging my head against the IDE before I figured that one out…

(Paul Wagaman) #361

They eventually showed up. I’m not sure why it took so long.


(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #362

I do not have many zigbee devices (a few GE & Cree Bulbs) and have a question for those of you that are more familiar with the zigbee mesh construction. My zigbee fan controller is arriving today from Home Depot. I have already installed a peanut plug in the master bedroom in preparation for the fan controller as the fan will be about 20’ away from the hub.

I now have the peanut plug in the master bedroom as well as a Cree smart bulb in the master walk in closet. Unfortunately, I don’t have a second story to put the plug above the fan as @JDRoberts recommends. Should I pull the Cree bulb when I set up the fan controller to make sure that it repeats through the peanut plug or does it not matter?



I would, just because I don’t trust zigbee bulbs as repeaters on the smartthings platform. But it’s an easy enough change to make later if you find you are having problems, so it’s up to you.

For those who don’t know why we’re discussing bulbs separately, see the following:

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #364

Thank you @JDRoberts. I was thinking that was the thing to do since bulbs are flaky repeaters. I appreciate all of the great info you have put out there. I especially liked your description as to why the Zigbee fan controller could be having issues due to the blade position. It made sense.


That comes from engineering classes. :sunglasses: I’ve mentioned before the exam which describes a house with home automation where everything works perfectly. Then the family moved in and things start breaking all over the house! :disappointed_relieved: So the field tech has to figure out what’s different now that people are living there. The exam was the field tech’s report identifying all the potential issues.

The one that no one got right (including me) was a “happens sometimes“ dropoff which turned out the family had a cast-iron frying pan. Depending on who did the dishes, it was sometimes put on the second shelf on the left and sometimes put on the bottom shelf on the right.

( The exam had pictures of the kitchen on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but didn’t call out the particular problem. You had to notice it for yourself.)

In one of these two positions, I don’t remember exactly which one, it was in exactly the right position to block signal coming into the kitchen. Kitchens are always tricky because of the appliances, but this was an obstruction inside a wooden cabinet. Such fun! :scream:

(Steve Jackson, USA, Shard 1) #366

Never thought about the cast iron pans. Glad my bride keeps them LOW in the kitchen. I really haven’t had anything that worked marginally except the one Wi-Fi WEMO. Everything I read attributed that to the switch itself so I didn’t troubleshoot it. I have lots of in wall Z-wave devices so my mesh has been reliable.

I had to chuckle when Spectrum set up my Internet. The "tech"put the access point behind the television telling me that was the preferred place being that it was out of site. I thought about telling him how putting it behind the television was one of the worst places to put the AP unless you want to attenuate the signal on the front side of the television but decided to just leave it and move everything when he left. I didn’t want to complain about something that they weren’t charging me for.

Now I’m just waiting for UPS so I can get the module in place before dark. I really don’t want to use a flashlight or pull extension cords. LOL