[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Don’t want to distract from the core subject here, but wanted to share this info for those here who may not have seen it, and are still working out the best option for their fan control. I didn’t see any references to it here in this thread.

There is a “whole home” (up to 6 fans) solution that is available via the Bond Home bridge (or is it a hub? :slight_smile: ) for $99.

Currently has Alexa and GH integration for voice, and IFTT support that provides ST control. True SmartThings is not there yet. Integration is supposed to be coming “soon” (Q1 2018 is the target according to Bond team statements). Bond is also testing State remote control and IR control, and will be extended to control other devices (currently the app has an option to add Air Conditioners, I believe fireplaces and other RF devices are in their future plans, making them available to SmartThings.

I have it controlling six fans (Hampton Bay and Hunter) in my home via IFTT & Webhook commands from webCore pistons. You can also use the Bond app directly if you wanted to, and as noted there is Alexa voice control (allows on/off, speed, light, etc.) and Google Home. Google Home and IFTT control are currently limited to on/off, no speed control access, fuller control coming later. The Bond has been very reliable for me using it via IFTT w/ST.

What you don’t get is fan/light status reporting back to SmartThings (or the Bond app) since the fans remain “dumb” in this setup (no Zwave or Zigbee added to them). For most users that’s fine - you only use the fan when your sitting near it, in line of sight. If you must have real-time status reporting from the fan to ST then the Bond system is not for you.

Anyway, worth a look - $99 for up to six fans vs. cost of a remote/receiver per fan, and rewiring work. If you have any questions pop over to the Bond thread below to ask those using it.

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Maybe keep this thread on topic?

We need to allow some space for related information that is perfectly germane to the general topic (Hampton Bay fan control) and potentially very helpful for those who find this particular approach too expensive, too difficult, or too whatever. Options are good.

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That said, further discussion of the Bond option would be best held in the thread I linked to.

“Hampton Bay Fan Control” is referring to a very specific piece of hardware. The Chungear MR101Z receiver.

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So if I am using version 170515 the reason why several devices are showing in my Google home once I linked ST is a bug with composite devices as stated in post #297?

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you are asking. That post has to do with how child devices show in the smartthings app. Please provide more details and I’ll try to help.

In post #297 you mentioned something about having all the child devices
show instead of one when using scenes and automations due a smart things
backend issue. I took this to mean the child devices also showed up this
way in Google home unintentionally. My question was supposed to ask if
there was a way to show Google home one or two devices per controller, like
fan and fan-light, vs the 7 that show with each controller. When I added
this device to Google home I got: bedroom fan, bedroom fan light, bedroom
fan comfortBreeze, bedroom fan low, bedroom fan med, bedroom fan med-hi,
and bedroom fan high. As you add more controllers this may get pretty
unweldy and was looking for a way around this.

Just restrict what a Google can see in your Google SmartApp. Just like Alexa I can limit the devices accessible to her.


Unfortunately I believe the Google smart app isn’t that smart. It has one
option available to “Allow Google assistant access to all devices, scenes
and routines”

So you don’t have an option to select the devices you want to allow Google to have access to?

I don’t have a google home, but I believe that’s a default setting, and you can allow or restrict individual devices, just like with Alexa devices.

If you uncheck the Allow All option, it will then let you select individual devices to share with Google.

That worked like a charm. Hopefully my ignorance helps save someone else
some time by finding this post.

Hey @TrueFlaNative1957 can you take a picuter of the finished product would like to see how it looks. Thanks.

Wilk take pictures this afternoon.

First off thank you for all your work! What additional updates are planned for us to test? Also when will this go from a beta to “production” in your mind? I just haven’t seen any updates through GitHub in a long while. Just curious.

Unfortunately @dalec has been offline for quite some time. I assume “Real Life” may be consuming his time as of late. We originally agreed to post this DTH under his name as he was more active in the forums and I didn’t have as much time to respond to questions here.

In any case, let me know if there are any features you need added and I can try (time willing) to add them for you. It might take me a bit but I’ll do my best. I wrote most the the shared version based on Dale’s requests and I believe he made a few small changes as well. I would have to re-familiarize myself with the public version. Shouldn’t be hard since the differences are subtle.